Creative Email Viruses : Keep Your Guard Up

Posted on: November 13th, 2013 by Mark Seeba No Comments

IMG-Virus1I recently received an email virus disguised as a voice mail message notification. Cleverly the .exe file was  wrapped in a .zip file and the view was set to not show the .exe file type

Luckily I sent an email to our technical team and confirmed that is was not a valid message. Once I was sure it was not valid, I carefully investigated the details before deleting the message while holding down the shift key (in Microsoft Outlook holding shift while hitting delete permanently deletes the item but only after  asking you to confirm; the message will not appear in your deleted items).

My anti-virus definitions are current and a colleague noticed that the same message was blocked on his email. Sometimes these messages can sneak through before your virus definitions are totally up to date. I did not open this message and avoided what could’ve turned out to be an attack on my computer or a creative way of stealing my confidential information.

The lesson  here: stay on guard all of the time. Not only do you risk the security of your personal information and the stability of your own system, you risk spreading this virus back to friends, family and coworkers.Email Virus

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