SysAdmins: 2014 Holiday Schedules, Now Is The Time

Posted on: January 28th, 2014 by Mark Seeba No Comments

To all of our system administrators, this is a friendly reminder to setup your 2014 holiday schedules on all of your telecom, call center, IVR and any other systems that require scheduling of activities on work days.Now that most organizations have posted their holiday list for the year, it is a perfect time to pre-enter every holiday for the balance of the year. Doing so will eliminate the last minute scramble to setup your holiday on the Friday before a three day weekend. Some systems support entering holidays for more than one year in advance. If you have the information for upcoming years entering them all can be a handy way to be prepared in advance. Just don’t forget to calendar a reminder to input them when the current list runs out. Also, do remember to input any unexpected closures for things like furlough days, inclement weather days, company meetings, etc.

While I am on the subject, let me share the ATI / Streamwrite holiday list so you have it just in case you need it:

  • Monday, January 20, Martin Luther King Day
  • Monday , February 17, President’s Day
  • Monday, May 26, Memorial Day
  • Friday, July 4, Independence Day
  • Monday, September 1, Labor Day
  • Thursday, November 27, Thanksgiving
  • Friday, November 28, day after Thanksgiving
  • Wednesday, December 24 , Christmas Eve Day (half day)
  • Thursday, December 25 , Christmas Day
  • Wednesday, December 31 , New Year’s Eve Day (half day)
  • Thursday, January 1 , New Year’s Day

And while we are at it: Remember we spring forward on Sunday March 9  and fall back an hour on Sunday November 2. As always, we are here to assist if you need us: 800-333-8394 x4 or contact us online (tier 3 and 4 requests only).

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