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Texting is becoming more popular all the time as people discover its inherent convenience and simplicity.  Millennials were ahead of the curve texting their friends instead of phoning ahead to cancel or update plans or just chat.  Business is finding that notifying customers or clients is often easier than even emailing, and certainly having many options available for communication is always optimal. 

In this spirit, streamWrite, an ATI Connect company, has engineered streamWrite Text Interactive which includes Interactive Text Response (ITR) to enable texting notification dynamically and securely.  Here’s a little more info on what this solution can do and how it works.

Notify One or Many

If your business needs to notify hundreds of customers about an upcoming discount, a new product release, or just one customer about a change in schedule or a past due balance  – it is now easier than ever.  One to Many Notifications can be enabled with a simple, single transaction.  Notifications can also be scheduled and pushed out to a group.   One to One Notifications are just as easy and that lagging customer who never pays on time can’t say they weren’t notified of the penalties!  More positively, special information about special sales on a customer birthdays can be scheduled to appear on their phones like stardust dreams, just in time for that special birthday wish.   Also, two way dialogues can be initiated making customer service easier than a phone call for many.   There is a dynamic quality to Interactive Text Response; it makes mobility tangible and convenience accessible.

Create Workflow Automation

More complex workflow processes can be created with our Text Interactive Services.  Possibly, an event will trigger an entire cascade of processes, making jobs that once required staff to do tedious tasks automated, so those same personnel can now turn their attention to tasks that actually require their specialized abilities and skills.  Courts, chiropractors, dentist offices, auto dealers, manufacturers and financial services have all found Text Interactive Services to be helpful.  In fact, nearly any business or public service can benefit from Text Interactive Services and the ease and flexibility of communication it provides.

Give Your Customers What They Want

Likewise, most people have communication preferences that might be situational (I prefer text when I am in a hurry) or more deeply embedded in habit or predilection (I hate texting on those tiny phone keyboards).  So while SMS text is increasingly preferred, some will still prefer email or even a phone call.  And, certainly, there are times, when only an actual voice of a real, actual human being can make a customer feel cared about or heard.   Because of these contingencies, our Text Interactive Services can be integrated with other notification services for combined text, email, and telephone notifications.  This way, since coverage is global in scope, customers don’t miss a bulletin or a message, and are always reached by the method they most prefer.

There is More

Text notifications and messages can also always be integrated into a larger workflow automation solution using our StreamWrite Process Automation Services.    Also, streamWrite Portals offer an Interactive Text Response portal as that product’s range of solutions.    We are here to find a way to help your company build cost effective business processes and so our solutions are offered in various product offerings.  Flexibility is our key to convenience and to optimizing your business processes.

What about sensitive data?  All text messages are handled on secure channels through our streamWrite Cloud Data Center so that necessary data exchanges with our clients’ back office systems are safe.  Additionally, when a text session contains especially sensitive data, users don’t need to be anxious.  All texts can easily be shifted to a secure web dialogue traveling along encrypted communication channels.

Intrigued?  Do contact us to set up a consultative visit or call with a streamWrite representative to find out more.   Contact us: 1 (855) 867-2418.  Or email me at to set up an appointment.

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