V-Court — Virtual Appearances Transform the Court Room

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lawyer court good v court shutterstock_2838867Even as courts all over the country are facing unprecedented fiscal pressures, technology is transforming the way that justice is administered.   Here at streamWrite we want to ease the pressure and advance solutions through automating processes for courts with our Justice Portals.  

So streamWrite has created a solution, V-Court, which saves money and can even raise revenue.  V-Court enables defendants, witnesses, and attorneys to appear virtually using video or telephonically.  Working with a court’s case management system, V-Court is user friendly and easy to manage.  Scheduling a virtual appearance is convenient for the public since they can register using our easily navigable V-Court web portal.   Reminders are sent by text or email.  The process is simple and straightforward.   Attorneys can also save valuable time since they are given the option to register for multiple virtual appearances in a single session – prior to making payment.   Our V-Court Operator Console allows the court staff to manage the virtual appearances with the case number, identifying the party to the case.  Courts are able to deploy V-Court to any division they choose, and it can be phased in by any division – set in motion over time as the court prefers.

There are many ways that virtual appearances are advantageous both to the courts and to the general public.  Virtual appearances can save courts money by eliminating the need to transport defendants from jail and to the courtroom for minor court appearances.  Transportation costs, time spent by staff waiting and attending to defendants, and other associated costs of in-person appearances can all be avoided.  Also, using V-Court there is no need for in-person appearances for minor traffic violations or other relatively minor legal matters. Time can be saved and frustrations associated with traveling to a court appearance can be avoided.  V-Court is an application whose time has arrived.

There is another very important point that sets V-Court apart.  V-Court can actually create revenue for the court!  Because V-Court is provided as a service of the court, the public pays a fee.  Most courts find that V-Court pays for itself quickly.   Courts save and can make money with V-Court!

Finally, V-Court can be deployed as an on-premise solution or in the cloud – as courts prefer.   If you are interested in finding out more, let us know by contacting us to make an appointment for a free consultation with your streamWrite Representative at:  1 (855) 867-2418.

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