Everyone is watching their Phones: Why you need Interactive Text Response

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 Business colleagues reading an SMS while in a line  Have you ever noticed that no one looks up anymore when they are on the bus or the subway? There is even a robotic voice that automatically comes on a messaging system warning riders on San Francisco buses to look up and not at their phones when they are riding the bus.   I hear it every day on my commute and still — few look up. Everyone’s eyeballs appear to be glued to their phones, no matter what time of day or night, and nearly everywhere and in any place.

People stand on street corners and stare at the tiny screens of their smart phones, maybe browsing for a nearby restaurant or waiting for a response to a post on Facebook or the latest newsfeed on Twitter.  People check maps for directions, check the temperature and even find dates from apps on their smart phones.  They watch their phones eagerly in checkout lines at the grocery store, feast their eyes on their phone screens at Starbucks, relentlessly scan their mobile phones for information even while watching television, and steal furtive glances at their phones while at a pub or local café – stealing attention from the companions perched right in front of them.   Many people sleep with the phone near their beds, always alert and on, even if they compromise reluctantly by turning the ringer off and setting it to vibrate.   Today folks will interrupt other activities to scan their phones, now logging into Facebook or Twitter from a smart phone instead of from a laptop.  Mobile phones feel private, almost secret since the screen is relatively small and can be viewed from nearly anywhere that a small phone can be taken.    So, certainly smart phones, since they are mobile, discreet, and powerful – are the perfect vehicle for business communication. Messages can be easily conveyed to this roaming yet captive audience.  After all, people are so attached to looking at their phones and texting that laws are actually increasingly in place to stop them from doing so!  Driving a car or operating a train or other public transportation vehicle is dangerous while texting, and so – these laws are necessary.  But the fact that a law is necessary shows how compulsive and universal phone scanning and texting has become.  For businesses, all this phone checking, phone watching and texting presents an incredible opportunity! 

Billions are Texting

Millions, possibly billions of folks are addicted to their phones and the messages they send and receive.  Moreover texting is increasingly relied on instead of phone calls.  Texting feels less like an interruption, it is fast and more impersonal yet effective.  Certainly, texting is a powerful messaging medium that should not be passed up by any business that wants to market quickly and effectively.  More people now read text messages than open emails.  Interactive Text Response (ITR) is an easy way to harness the ubiquity and innovative sparkle of text messages for marketing or for customer service. 

Notify and Interact

Our solution, streamWrite Interactive Text Response has taken this potential to a new level of efficiency and ease of use.  It can be set up to notify customers automatically on schedule or when a specific event occurs.  Notifications can be one to one, specific to a particular customer’s preferences and needs, or one to many sending out a message to many customers at once fitting a particular criteria.  Users can also interact with their own requests and ideas, and receive discounts, rewards and information. 

Our streamWrite Interactive Text Response can be used by companies for internal messaging as well.  Employees can be contacted and dialogues established on the fly for greater efficiency in business operations and day to day activities.

Many Types of Companies and Organizations can Benefit

 Contact Centers can use ITR to better answer customer inquiries without wasting time on a voice call.  Sometimes a text is all that is necessary and voice calls can become a premium service, reserved for areas that are more difficult to navigate or customers who need close attention.   

Wine Clubs, health clubs, insurance companies, clinics and courts — many types of businesses and organizations both public and private will find streamWrite Interactive Text Response helpful.  It can be used to market services and to maintain a certain level of customer service.  Clinics can use ITR to remind patients of appointments and to send necessary information regarding medication or necessary tests.  Wine Clubs can send members information and notification of discounts, events and even – expired credit cards.  Marketing is easier as it is automated yet personalized for each specific person or situation.  Certainly the uses are only now being realized as more companies and organizations use ITR to create a competitive edge and focus. 

Messages are Secure

Additionally, your security is maintained since all text messages are secure, handled on our streamWrite Cloud Data Center.   If a text session contains data that is especially sensitive, texts will be shifted to a secure web dialogue that travels along encrypted channels.    

An Opportunity

All those eyeballs glued to all those phones are ignored at your own peril.   

Speaking of which, I need to check my phone…   let me know when you want to find out more!

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