Planning for Unified Communications – A Quick How-To

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    plans woman thinking   Feel like your office communications are a snarl of missed connections and overlapping signals? Almost like you are using cans on a string to talk to each other, or relying on the good old — shout across the room? Possibly, it’s time for a new system, new phones! These days, there’s a lot more than phones to the matter, communications have morphed into Unified Communications and now is the time to catch up and find your own solutions. Certainly UC technologies are both baffling and intriguing, but the first step is to find out what is available and what you need to succeed. Many businesses are already deep into UC but even as technology is added to a suite of business solutions, applications continue to morph and change and reevaluation is ongoing. What steps are crucial for a business to determine what UC is appropriate and necessary for its growth, productivity, and cost efficiency?

First, you need a plan, a battle plan that begins with a strategic assessment of where you are, what you need, and where you want to go. Like any action plan, it should be broken down into smaller steps or it may feel overwhelming. Needs must be assessed and properly understood. Where are the weak spots in your organization’s communication infrastructure? What would you like your UC to accomplish? Are there ways to reach your customers that your competitors are utilizing that you have been resisting or ignoring? Is there a solution out there that you have not yet heard about, that can enchant your customers while easing your headaches?

So you do need to know what is out there, what tools are now available that can make your work life easier and more efficient. Nowadays there’s SMS texting tools to send messages both within the company but also to customers for marketing and notification, ATI Connect streamWrite has ITR or our Interactive Text Response solution for just this purpose. For collaboration, we have many tools available including the LifeSize Icon Series — powerful video conferencing tools that are easy to schedule and to participate in. For contact center/call center phone systems we offer a wide variety of tools including call routing, recording, pop up screens, social media and enhanced mobility for remote working. These are only a few of the many tools available from ATI Connect steamWrite today.

A fantastic breakdown of a plan for Unified Communications is here at UC Strategies:

We can help you with that battle plan and get you started on the path to stellar UC! Do contact me here at: (510) 923-9209 or to arrange for a free consultation with an ATI Connect streamWrite Rep.

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