Messaging Grows Up: Multi-modal Unified Messaging

Posted on: February 24th, 2015 by Max Valerio No Comments

   Smartphone with cloud of application icons Mobility’s impact on communication is only beginning to be realized.  At one time, voice calls were the predominant business tool for immediate, substantive communication.  As the smartphone became ubiquitous and tablets emerged, so did something now called “Multi-modal Unified Messaging”, an extension and subset  of Unified Communications.   No longer is voice the only means for people to communicate quickly and easily.  Now, Instant Messaging and SMS texts are beginning to displace phone calls as the quickest and most convenient and least disruptive — form of communication. 

So while voice calls can now be made and received from nearly any location, it is not always appropriate or feasible to pick up the call.  Getting a voice call in the middle of an important meeting or while in a crowded public place is possible, but again — not necessarily welcome.  As location becomes less important, voice calls become more disruptive.  Mobility has chipped away at the dominance of the voice call and increasingly, messaging is becoming not only an alternative, but the starting point for business to business contact.  Texting a short message is often preferable to answering a voice call.   Messaging is more flexible and less intrusive.  While it requires attention, there is a tendency toward brevity and simplicity that enables communication to be pragmatic – more to the point.  SMS Text messages provide a way for a user to receive enough information to assess whether or not they wish to proceed to a more complex form of communication.  Voice will be a step up, another layer to be tapped when communication needs to escalate.  Texts and IM are good for conveying simple instructions or straightforward information.   Voice calls will never disappear since nothing beats voice for communicating depth, nuance and personality, for enabling persuasion and more substantial communication.  Voice will become a more specialized and high-end business tool, to be taken out of one’s toolbox when a little more magic is required.  However, since voice is necessarily more demanding of time and attention, voice calls will no longer be the predominant starting point for all business conversations.

Here at streamWrite we help you build out and on your communication solutions and equipment to fully engage in this emerging world of instantaneous and powerful messaging – Multi-Modal Messaging.  You can not only rely on clear voice calls, but you can also use SMS text for marketing and on the go business messaging.  We have  an Interactive Text Response (ITR) application that can help you notify customers easily – one at a time, or many at once.  Our solutions blend voice and ITR capabilities together creating a seamless matrix of communication tools — Unified Communications.   Contact me today to set up an appointment with a streamWrite – ATI Connect Rep!


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