ShoreTel Connect: the Cloud — `A la carte!

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Cloud computing concept with copy space  The cloud has so much to offer, that it’s hard to know where to begin.  ShoreTel Sky is a cloud solution that has been growing rapidly, providing businesses with easy and nearly invisible application upgrades and maintenance as well as increased mobility and agility.   Even so, an existing investment in an on-premises phone system, particularly one that is reliable and resilient like ShoreTel on-premises phones and applications, is hard to exchange for a promising yet unfamiliar new model.   And, why should anyone have to choose?  Possibly, not having to make that choice is the best option of all!  Or, electing to choose only those services that feel most necessary and that are easy to deploy and relatively risk free.  Now, ShoreTel has made this choice possible!  

Enter ShoreTel Connect

ShoreTel Connect is now available to any business wanting to have the best of both worlds.  A hybrid VoIP solution that empowers users to choose services `a la carte, ShoreTel Connect functions as a gateway integrating ShoreTel’s renowned on-premises phone systems with applications-as-a-service delivery straight from the ShoreTel Sky cloud.  Now, a business can build on its existing investment in hardware and on-premises solutions while still taking advantage of the cloud business model for convenience and instantaneous access to powerful applications. 

ShoreTel Sky Scribe and ShoreTel Sky Fax are here through ShoreTel Connect

ShoreTel Sky Scribe and ShoreTel Sky Fax are two services that can be added seamlessly to an on-premises system, adding new functionality with no additional hardware capital expense.  Both of these services are completely maintenance-free needing no additional labor from your IT department.    ShoreTel Sky Scribe converts voice messages into text files and emails them automatically to users, saving message retrieval time and adding another layer of communication flexibility.  Multi-taskers in particular will appreciate the ability to check their voicemail silently and quickly.  ShoreTel Sky Fax also adds a layer of efficiency by adding another way to access fax services for delivery of specialized documents.  Faxes are received in emails inboxes or sent as email attachments.  Both of these convenient cloud services can now be added easily to any user who needs them using ShoreTel Connect.  One user or many can be enabled. 

ShoreTel Connect empowers CIOs with the ability to deploy the VoIP platform that works best for their company, effectively combining the best of both worlds.  Also, they are able to strategically enable only those users who need specific cloud services, this adds efficiency and cost saving.  Business managers can rest assured that the added scalability will leverage their existing investment in on-premises hardware adding longevity and dynamism to their entire phone system. 

Hybrid Solutions are a great option

 StreamWrite knows that there are many paths to Unified Communications fluency and efficiency, and that each has its own attendant benefits and costs.  ShoreTel is one of our valued partners and together we know that hybrid solutions are often the ticket for businesses who want to benefit from both the cloud and on-premises hardware and solutions.  It all does depend on your individual business plan and vision.  Let me know if you want to find out more and speak to a streamWrite ATI Connect Rep at: or call (510) 923-9209. 


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