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Always brilliantly simple yet willing to innovate, ShoreTel has created a new platform called ShoreTel Connect that unifies all of its solutions on one platform while retaining their diversity as on-premise, cloud, and hybrid.  ShoreTel Connect, will be released in August and is highly anticipated to be a major and comprehensive UC platform that will enhance the ease of deploying ShoreTel solutions. 

Previously, ShoreTel maintained two separate platforms: one for on-premise and one for cloud — now both of these solutions will be on one platform.  This unity will make choice easier.  A Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution is easier to build from a diverse amalgam of parts.   Choice is retained while confusing complexity is eliminated.   Users won’t have to discard their productive and still functioning premise-based phone system.   Instead they have the choice to easily augment the reach and flexibility of that system; seamlessly deploying new hosted UC solutions from the ShoreTel Connect cloud when they acquire new locations or remote offices.   ShoreTel Connect users can go hybrid in more ways than one, they will be able to choose specific UC applications to deploy in the ShoreTel Connect cloud while retaining the stability, reliability and control that they are accustomed to with a premise-based ShoreTel phone system.  This way customers are able to protect their investments while growing their ability to collaborate and communicate using hosted solutions.

One Platform, Two Ways to Deploy, Three Ways to Deliver

ShoreTel CEO Don Joos presents this new platform as a way for small to medium businesses in particular to connect people however they choose and yet simply; ShoreTel has a new refrain, “One platform, two ways to deploy, and three ways to deliver”.  Here are the three versions of their new solution in a nutshell:

ShoreTel Connect ONSITE: Newest rendition of ShoreTel’s on-premises solution, ONSITE adds 50 new features including new voice switches, remote access and security, Linux DVS, and their new Connect Client.

ShoreTel Connect Cloud:  New hosted solution that includes the complete ShoreTel desktop collaboration suite and mobility including voice, video and content sharing for a total collaboration experience.  Also secure and clear voice for desk phones, and a contact center as well as ShoreTel PBX features in the cloud.

ShoreTel Connect HYBRID:  New applications are being offered and for now these include Fax and Scribe.  These enable on-premises and cloud-based solutions to combine.  Extension dialing, caller ID, point-to-point video and automated directory integration are also included.

New Unifying Client Interface

Additionally, for ease of use a new unifying client interface will be introduced that is the same across all deployment models.

Always More – Just Ask! 

There is more!  I’ll be following these new and exciting ShoreTel developments as their August debut approaches. Meanwhile get in touch with me here at streamWrite to learn more about the new ShoreTel Connect and other solutions designed to simplify, animate and enliven your company’s productivity, collaboration and communication.   Write me at: or call (510) 923-9209 to find out more.

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