ATI – streamWrite Adult and Aging Services Interactive Portal Answers the Phone at Last

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Nothing is more frustrating than calling a government agency with an urgent question and being routed through tedious meandering transfers — to one apparently clueless operator after another  — until finally, the call is dispatched to that proverbial small and airless room where a lone phone rings and rings and rings.  The eternally unanswered telephone in a small dusty government agency room exists only in our frustrated imaginations, yet sometimes one wonders.   Certainly there must be a way to avoid this endless legendary loop in this time of Unified Communications (UC).  Without easy access to important information the public often comes directly to agency offices where they endure long lines and long waits while agency staff scrambles to answer questions in person.    To solve this problem for the Adult and Aging Services Agency streamWrite has created the Adult and Aging Services Interactive Portal, a self-service application that is interactive, intuitive and easy to use.

As the Aging Population Grows, Services become more Important

Public agencies need to provide accessible, timely service delivery systems in order to be effective and Adult and Aging Services is no exception.   The elderly population is set to grow as people live longer and the huge Baby Boom generation ages into retirement.    The public will need easy access to accurate, timely information about aging and home supportive services.   Aging Service providers will be busy making sure agency employees are paid on time, have access to schedules and information about benefits and payroll.  The Adult and Aging Interactive module provides a comprehensive interactive speech and web system that allows the public and providers to obtain real-time information via a telephone using touch tones or speech (IVR – Interactive Voice Response) or through the internet at any time day or night.  SMS or email messages can expedite the delivery of information.  Repetitive questions from the public or providers can be answered automatically circumventing frustration and saving agency employee time.  Saving time saves money and in this age of public service budget cuts and growing fiscal prudence; cost cutting is crucial.

Expedite Information for Employees and Service Recipients

For providers these are a few of the services that can be dispatched automatically through our Interactive Self Service Adult and Aging Services Portal: timecard/payroll information services including confirmation of timecard receipt, amount paid and hours authorized.  Email and proactive SMS notification can be sent with completed timecard hours and other similar information.   Forms can be requested including timesheets, duplicate W2 forms, and new W4 forms.  Other forms may be requested and sent as needed.

Recipients of services can be plugged into general information about Home Supportive Services, Case information, and Application status, information on fair hearings as well as other types of important information.  Self-service is easier than a visit and users are generally relieved to be able to get such important information from their phone or computer.

Secure, Scalable, Flexible and Powerful

The streamWrite Adult and Aging Interactive Portal is customizable with virtual plug-and-play, it has a component model design and is compatible with virtually any database and easy to manage on the fly.  The application is also scalable as its distributed client/server architecture allows users to build upon existing investments with new technologies.

If your organization or agency would like to find out how to reduce stress while improving service, let us know here at streamWrite, an ATI Connect company.   A free consultative call can make the difference between stress and a solution.

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