DVSAnalytics: Our Partner in Speech Analytics Understands Calls

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In today’s expanding regulatory environment where compliance is an escalating concern, DVSAnalytics is carving out a strong niche as a tested and reliable provider of solutions to ensure compliance. While also ensuring speed and efficiency in government agency call centers.

Today, places like state governments rely on automated call distribution centers (ACD) to expedite their incoming and outgoing calls.  These call centers distribute calls through a number of different mechanisms, sometimes in linear fashion routing calls to available agents based on when the call was received with the latest calls waiting the longest to be answered.   However, this method, while adequate was not always optimum.  Today speech analytics technology enables the voice of the caller to be analyzed and a call to be routed to the best agent for the call, depending on what was said.  Calls are answered in a more intelligent order instead of being answered based on an automatic and blind sequential ranking in a queue.  This comes in handy for government agencies like CalWIN here in California who report that their system processes more than 10 million transactions per day, and all in one second.  Many of these are incoming or outbound calls and so the need to make sure that agents address compliance issues is crucial to the success of the system.

Voice Attestation is a Unique Voice Signature

DVSAnalytics, our partner, provides a form of voice verification or “voice attestation” that is a unique voice print.  This voice attestation functions as a voice signature, helping to certify that certain transactions actually took place or that a particular individual actually did make contact with an agency.   Like a fingerprint voice prints are unique to each individual and provide a highly reliable method of ascertaining identity.  DVSAnalytics records calls and provides insight into each caller’s voice by converting voice information into structured, searchable data.  Their Encore Speech Analytics solution is able to examine recordings and identify important conversations that might otherwise be lost or invisible.  Has an agent recited the correct compliance statement to the caller or did they skip over this important area of regulatory compliance leaving the agency vulnerable?  Was a caller unhappy and frustrated with the outcome or handling of a call?  This information is vital and in the past, was nearly always a mystery or – was embedded deep in call recordings that had to be searched by special staff who audited call quality and agent performance.  This staff often took hours to go through a ream of recordings.  Now, with DVSAnalytics Encore solution, the mystery is gone and the data is there in an easily retrievable format and nearly instantly when searched.

Phonetics-based Engine Identifies Patterns

Encore uses a phonetics-based engine to process conversations, scanning calls and identifying the ones that match criteria set by the agency or business in search packs.  Search packs consist of groups of word combinations or statements that are identified and set up by organizations to match against the recorded content of a call.   Using these criteria it can be determined if agents complied with regulations by making certain important statements to the caller.  Other criteria of success may be discovered and agents can be trained or advised of their errors as necessary.  Now, regulatory compliance will be easier to maintain and the public will be better served as agents are held accountable.  Agents will also be better trained as their work is more transparent and errors or gaps in knowledge can be found and rectified.

CalWIN will Win! 

Today streamWrite, an ATI Connect company, is working with our partner DVSAnalytics as well as our partner ShoreTel to deliver a solution to California’s CalWIN program that provides outbound voice attestation and other important tools.  We are also able to provide the same for your business or organization, let us know what you are considering.  Don’t be late in verifying regulatory compliance or in training contact center agents to be more effective, contact us today.

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