NEC Revolutionizes the Desktop Phone – Enter the UT880

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nec image ut880

NEC innovates ahead of the rest, consistently creating desktop business phones that stretch possibilities in Unified Communications (UC), illustrating how the traditional desktop business phone remains relevant through reimagining its best features in combination with new cutting edge technologies.

Their latest creation is the UT880, a desktop phone for business that goes where none have gone previously, combining the following features and more: NEC platform voice functionality and wide-band speakerphone; a multi-line SIP client that emulates any NEC phone; wideband handset and headset capability; a camera primed for photographs and video; integrated Bluetooth capability; a USB port and multiple login support.  Most innovative is the UT 880’s central feature —   a “phablet” or tablet on a phone, a 7” Android tablet that sports a full color display, a responsive and convenient multi-touch capable screen with an open interface for application development.   This tablet is the hub of the phone, providing an ability to specialize and extends its capability into various verticals.

Security, Surveillance and More

Possibly, the desktop business phone of the future has arrived since the UT880 can be used for many functions adjacent to communications: these would include security and surveillance. Using a special app the UT880 can turn instantly into a specialized tool for security — transforming its tablet display into a surveillance device.   Segmenting the screen so that various parts of a hospital, bank, or government facility can be viewed simultaneously.  Providing a wide angle and omniscient view of any place that needs bionic eyes to monitor and disclose irregularities.  In fact, this security application can create an intelligent video camera that is able to recognize the possibility of intruders, a medical emergency, or any irregular or suspicious activity or object, and relay that to the viewing area of the phone and to security personnel watching.

For Contact Centers and Hotel Guests 

There are many additional specialized usages for the UT880.  Contact Center applications are also available that enable call center agents to maximize their abilities to provide customer service or create opportunities.   Teachers can utilize the phone to teach from a distance since the phone has built-in video conferencing features.  Hospitality is another area where the UT880 can be used in dramatic new ways, allowing hotel guests to view nearby attractions and destinations from the phone’s tablet display via the video or camera.  Instant messaging, full business and personal directories can be integrated into the phone, email can be accessed, and the phone can become a vital tool for collaboration and research since it is situated as a tool of not only audio communication, but visual communication as well with its camera access and app extensions.

Simple, Instant Software Updates

Most intriguingly, the NEC UT880 eliminates the need to always switch out old hardware for new since it instantly upgrades itself.   Simple software updates keep your investment safe and current.

The Desktop Business Phone becomes the Hub of the Office 

Certainly, the NEC UT880 might just be the penultimate reinvention of the desktop business phone, not confined by technology to the desktop, though at home in solid desktop originated business functionality.  StreamWrite is a provider of NEC UC technology and we would be happy to introduce you to the UT880.   Do contact us to find out more.

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