Happy 4th of July! Telepresence to Connection

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Happy 4th of July to all of our customers, partners, and to all you folks just stumbling upon this blog for the first time.  Here at streamWrite we are working hard to make sure that all communication channels are clear and humming as we all glide into the holiday weekend.  Whether you are relaxing at home with friends, grilling steak or hotdogs or veggie burgers — have a great weekend and Independence Day! 

Telepresence makes Collaboration and Communication Easy

We can be thankful for many things here in the USA and certainly continuing innovation is one of them.  As our nation celebrates we are more connected than ever before, and new technology trends continue to accelerate.  One of these is telepresence.  Telepresence enables a person to feel as though they are present at a remote location and to communicate with others as though they really are.  You are not quite teleported, since you are still in your actual location, but you are able to remotely view and participate in a meeting.  Telepresence makes collaboration easier and communication more vital.  With so many companies having employees in so many locations, and business being conducted globally, telepresence is better than being there since “being there” can be expensive and travel time consuming.

Our Partner Sonexis

Sonexis is our partner in conference solutions and a leading provider of in-house audio/web conferencing solutions.  Their ConferenceManager platform has just released a new version — ConferenceManager2.    Their audio collaboration technology provides pristine quality calls and cost effective conferencing to remote locations.  Their ConferenceManager eliminates pay-as-you-go subscriptions which are costly and worrisome, adding the extra burden of financial calculation to each conference.  Instead, users are provided with a fully integrated platform for managing, scheduling and conducting audio/web conferences.  Sonexis ConferenceManager2 is able to be installed in most environments in under an hour and scales easily for 12 to 1,000 ports of audio and 5 to 1,000 seat of Web.  Administration is simple and intuitive and provides comprehensive reporting and flexibility.  There is more…

We look forward to discussing your conferencing needs and our consultation is only a contact away.  Do let us know when you wish to find out more.  Happy 4th of July! 



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