Personal UC: People come First

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Business People In Meeting

As people use tools they change them.  Interacting with tools, whether virtual or actual, eventually effects how those tools are deployed, how they are organized, and how they are considered.   In time, the way tools are used may change how a tool is imagined and then created.  UC is no exception. Now, Unified Communications gives users tools to communicate and collaborate (UCC) enabling remote working and real-time interactive communication.  As individual end users are empowered by mobility and an ever widening and powerful set of UCC tools – “personal UC” is born.    Personal UC is the shift that all business and IT leaders need to make in their organizations in order to stay relevant.

UC Shapes Business Decisions

Personal UC is an intuitive extension that returns power to the end users of UC technology.  In the recent past when the desk telephone was a static presence in an office, Telecommunications Management was counted upon to initiate upgrades and purchases based on their expert assessments.  Often, workers had to adjust and the workplace had static rules.  Later, as a natural outgrowth of the desk phone mutating into a hub for UC, IT became more prominent.  IT Directors also often took on UC decisions.  Now, as Millennials enter the workforce, they bring their expectations for mobility and instantaneous multi-pronged communication in many arenas with them to the workplace.   These expectations are shaping business practices and technological choices.  To remain competitive businesses have to master more than a single core competency and become agile, flexible, and focused on putting people first.  The end user is central to decision making now as never before.

Work is No Longer a Place but a Process

Mobility has impacted the office and the very idea of what a workplace is.  End users no longer work only in designated locations but freed by powerful mobile devices, they work outside the office and sometimes in very remote and disparate locations, scattered across the country or across the globe.   “Work” is no longer a physical location, but a process or activity.  Workers can exchange ideas and collaborate instantly, innovation is accelerated.  Individual workers are able to connect more deeply and more meaningfully.  Video is now a collaboration tool enabling connections and new ideas to proliferate.  Productivity is not tied only to the office.

ShoreTel and streamWrite Agree

Today, four generations can conceivably be working in a business.  Their combined know-how and acumen, their collective intelligence and styles of doing, are empowered to communicate and collaborate as never before.  Our partner, ShoreTel, has been stepping forward with the idea of “Personal UC” as a transformative idea that puts people first.   With ShoreTel and our other valued partners — streamWrite (an ATI Connect company) can bring Personal UC to your company.  Let us know today, how and when you would like to begin.

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