Train Users to Get the Most out of UC

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UC opens up enormous possibilities for employee collaboration and communication, but only if its many useful features are utilized.  Not knowing how to use even a simple ITR application properly and to its optimum capacity can hobble the success of deploying Unified Communications tools and ultimately, lose money. The potential is certainly there… UC can save time and have enormous ROI for any company.  UC’s features like Interactive Text Response (ITR) enable a company to notify customers, market to potential customers easily and keep employees engaged and informed.  All comes to naught however, if users are fumbling around, frustrated or even unaware that UC features exist.

UC Usage Down without Training

That’s where UC training comes in.  According to a new report on UC by Nemartes Research, enterprises struggle with successfully deploying Unified Communications tools because of inadequate training.  Large numbers of employees are simply not using tools since they have no idea they even exist or what they are capable of doing. In their 2015-2016 Unified Communications and Collaboration Benchmark report, Nemertes asked IT executives to rate the success of their UC on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most successful. Nemertes interviewed 50 IT leaders in 45 companies. Success was defined by the following metrics: employee usage, user feedback, and the impact UC tools had on their business.   Last year about 61% of IT Executives rated their UC efforts as successful or very successful.  This year, that rating has shown a steep decline to roughly 43%.  It is evident that success ratings have been steadily getting lower because employee usage is down. UC has only improved its tool kit with increasingly more powerful solutions including video capabilities, cloud, conferencing, and many other collaboration apps.  Usage should be on the rise.  The missing ingredient is training.

How to Train

Introducing your employees to UC generally takes more than a company announcement or group email.  However, it does not need to be onerous or inflexible.  Training can now vary as much in technique as tools vary in their capabilities.  UC tools cover a broad gamut of enterprise functions enabling choice, so training can also be geared to each individual’s varied abilities and preferred means of learning.  Web-based, virtual, as well as scheduled, specific in-person classes were the most effective according to Nemertes.  Least effective were “train the trainer” methods where IT would choose a person in each business group to train their colleagues.  However, even the less effective training was  better than the alternative; the worst training was no training at all.

Certainly businesses can do better.  Enterprises can give employees flexibility around what type of training works best for them.  Some people are visual learners and like videos and PowerPoint presentations, others are aural and enjoy listening to podcasts, others learn best from another individual in a classroom setting.  Still others would rather read instructions and can’t stand sitting still for a video or in a classroom.

Here at streamWrite, we supply UC tools, infrastructure and services to keep your company communicating and collaborating.   We optimize your UC experience and tailor it for your company.  Let us know when you wish to find out more.

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