NEC tailors UNIVERGE 3C for Hospitality Home Run

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Hospitality remains one of the great frontiers of Unified Communications.  A landscape with enormous potential, UC is only held back by the fact that hotels tend to be more conservative than most businesses when it comes to technology.   For example, analog phones AKA POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) are still provided in most guest rooms instead of IP phones.  These reliable dowagers are the simplest solution, easy to administrate from a central location, providing a service that requires little technical expertise to configure or maintain. Generally, hospitality money is spent on solutions that appear to dramatically improve customer service with little risk attached.  Hotel customer service is generally not the site of innovative experiments since the familiar is often comforting.   However, as cloud technologies proliferate and hybrid solutions become a reliable conduit toward efficiency and innovation – more hotels are coming on board with Unified Communications.

Easy to Use and compatible with many Property Management Systems

NEC has always been a leader in smart hospitality solutions, now their award winning UNIVERGE 3C software platform has been tailored specifically for the mid-sized hotel market in a new UNIVERGE 3C for Hospitality.  Providing intuitive interfaces, this solution is innovative yet reassuringly easy to use and configure.  A software-based communications solution that is compatible with many Property Management Systems (PMS) and third-party hospitality in-room telephone handsets, one standard Windows server is all UNIVERSE 3C requires to operate.   This  lowers power consumption and space requirements.  Remote updates keep the system current so hotel staff can attend to guests directly without having to spend time fiddling with the solution or calling IT service desks for upgrade information.  Open architecture makes this a non-proprietary solution that is based solidly on industry standards.

Wake-up Calls just got more personal

Many amenities are available.  Guests can schedule the always important wake-up call and personalize it.  Instead of relying on a standard ring, guests can choose from various voice greetings as well as customized snooze alarms.  Local weather information and travel warnings are also available with customized wake-up greetings.  Additionally, wake-up calls and voicemail are available in a wide variety of languages including French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and Italian.  These options are part of a larger, more comprehensive solution with many customizable customer-friendly features that can provide the simple and small difference between a superb hotel experience and a mediocre one.  An integrated automated attendant directs inbound calls to guests,  freeing hotel staff from the tedium of answering phones so that they can concentrate on other areas of customer service that are more nuanced and specific to each guest’s  needs.  The automated attendant is also faster; guests will enjoy the convenience of being able to call direct to other guests and hotel departments without relying on hotel staff to intervene.

Interactive Information Feeds for Guests

When visiting an unfamiliar place, nothing is more important than clearing up the confusion of where to go and what to do.  UNIVERSE 3C for Hospitality will deliver interactive information feeds that help guests locate and decide on the best restaurants and entertainment options.  Staff can customize system services for each room.   All of these services and more, provide customer service above and beyond the simple or expected.

Strong Security Options

Security options are strong; staff and guests are protected during emergencies by instant notification of management when an emergency call is made.  This way emergency services can be assisted in locating the room where the call originated.  Emergency calls are also directed to E911 authorities to minimize response times.  Emergency calls are recorded automatically or on demand.

NEC has hit the ball out of the park again with this strong hospitality solution.  As their partner, streamWrite is here to help your company determine if UNIVERGE 3C is right for your business, and to help you obtain the best possible implementation and service.  Do let us know today, when you want to look at all your options.

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