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Dispensing justice relies on efficiency and a strict adherence to protocol. It also requires transparency and a real commitment to keeping costs low while maintaining the highest level of service to the public. Today, technology is expediting justice.

ATI Connect Justice Portals, powered by streamWrite, are providing secure and innovative solutions for courts. Our Justice Portals include: Jury Interactive, Traffic Automated Processing (TAP), Case Lookup, and an Appointment Reminder System. Our Interactive Text Response solution (ITR) is integrated into many of our Justice Portals to automatically notify members of the public either individually or in groups. We also utilize IVR or Interactive Voice Response and Web Pop Interactive. All of our Justice Portals can be deployed in the cloud, or on premise, or – as a hybrid of cloud and on premise. What matters is what you need at your court. Justice Portals help courts provide necessary and important information to the public conveniently. Operating costs are inevitably lowered as manual staff processes are reduced and automated. Court appearances are less frustrating for everyone, public and staff.

The Jury Interactive Portal takes some of the pain out of jury duty

Not many people like the prospect of doing jury duty. The process of jury selection in and of itself can feel like a burden. While not making jury duty any less daunting, our Jury Interactive Portal can make it less tedious by automating and streamlining selection and jury management processes. Postponements, court locations, and other crucial reporting information can be provided to jurors and potential jurors easily and expeditiously. Using our Jury Group Administration Tool, the jury commissioner’s staff can easily relay updates and manage juror needs. Clerks can focus on jurors instead of on busywork. Using a self-service Web Interface and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) the public can find out vital information using natural speech or touch-tone commands. The public can also relay information to the court as our Justice Portals are interactive and dynamic. Juror instructions, requests for postponement, requests to be disqualified and even directions to the court can all be relayed through our Juror Interactive Portal. Also, the Jury Interactive Portal is easily tailored, plug-and-play, modular, and integrates with any Jury Management System.

Traffic Automated Processing, Case Lookup, and Appointment Reminder Portals

Traffic violations are probably the most common interaction that most people will have with the courts. Because they are relatively numerous, even if often minor, processing traffic tickets is often time intensive and redundant. A lot of time can be eaten up for courts notifying defendants of violations, convictions, and changes in their case. ATI Connect’s Traffic Automated Processing Portal is up to the task providing a convenient Web Interface to launch reports of violations requiring courtesy notices. Court staff also are able to produce a list of cases where defendants have not responded by the pay or appear date. Our AutoConvict module can dispose of charges, create sentences, list open items and interface with the Court’s collection agency if necessary. Data entry is more accurate due to automation and exception processing. Our convenient Web interface integrates with any Case Management System.

Case Lookup is also available and will provide secure public access to case information such as warrants, payment plans and fines, and mandatory appearances.

Our Appointment Reminder Systems uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Interactive Text Response to notify parties of upcoming court times, events and locations. All of these Justice Portals can be customized for your court’s particular needs.

Additionally Web Pop Interactive will provide relevant information to court staff in an easy-to-read web browser window that pops up when a call comes in. Staff are informed of case details and are able to assist callers quickly with knowledge upfront.

Visit us at CTC in Minneapolis

All of these innovative tools integrate with jury management and case management systems and can be mixed and matched by each court to suit their particular needs, protocols, and projects. StreamWrite, an ATI Connect company, has created Justice Portals to bring technology to the service of justice. Today, our Justice Portals are in use in courts all across California. Do visit us in the ATI Connect booth at CTC, the Court Technology Conference, in Minneapolis on Sept. 22nd — Booth #723. We would love to meet you and discuss how we can expedite justice at your court.

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