Empowered Mobility: The Univerge 3C Client from NEC

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NEC Univerge 3C on tablet


Always innovative and ahead of the curve, NEC has a software-based solution that enables users to communicate intuitively and conveniently.  The Univerge 3C client helps enterprises and small businesses to maintain their competitive edge by providing a complete, software-based IP telephony and Unified Communications and Collaboration solution (UCC) that empowers with reliable, secure, and scalable features.  These include: Rich Presence, easy to access call recording, IM/chat, integrated and on-demand audio/video conferencing, standard voice telephony, call twinning, integrated softphone functionality — and there’s more.  Additionally, there is continuity across devices.  All user devices whether an iPad, iPhone, or business desk phone, maintain consistent user interfaces when they use the Univerge 3C client.  Whenever changes are made on one UC Client, the others will automatically reflect these. This continuity makes mobility available to anyone who uses an NEC Univerge 3C client to link their devices and create a seamless UC experience.

Escalate a chat to a call to a conference

Communication is not always uniformly urgent.  Sometimes a chat is fine and in another instance, a call must be made.   Escalation is a feature that keeps communication flexible.  Contacts can be escalated from chat, to call, to video conference — all with a click on an icon in the user console. Additionally, if more than one person is needed in the conference, a video conference can be called on a moment’s notice with many participants.  This ability to enhance communication as needed creates an environment where collaboration is nearly effortless as parties across a large enterprise can be brought into a video conference seamlessly.

Univerge 3C is a SIP-based system so any phone or device on the system can access the video system and click in.  If a phone is not enabled with video it can join the conference on an audio call.

Conferences can be managed from the virtual console where all participants are visible.

Decisions don’t have to wait to be made if all parties can access the same crucial information quickly and collaborate on the fly from anywhere.

Automatic Call Recording or on demand

Call recording can be either automatic or on demand.  Recording calls is after all, essential in many contact centers for agent training and for auditing.  Auditing of calls must often be made to ensure compliance.   In government agencies, banks, retail outlets, hospitals and tech support centers, calls are often recorded for review to decrease liability and to increase the level of customer service.  Calls can be easily recorded with the Univerge 3C client, saved to a local directory or stored automatically at a remote location (servers and/or Storage Area Networks (SAN)).  Control is yours and options are available for convenience and transparency.

Automated Attendant and a Virtual Personal Assistant

An Automated Attendant can provide 24×7 call routing with IVR or touchtone capability.  A State-of-the-Art Speech Recognition feature provides an intuitive speech interface that allows users to manage their calendars, make and transfer calls, and manage contact information using simple voice commands.  Interactive Call Screening offers a virtual personal assistant that announces the caller and allows users to choose to accept calls or not.

Fixed Mobile Convergence for seamless call mobility

A particularly nifty feature is FMC or Fixed Mobile Convergence. FMC unleashes mobility’s inherent flexibility by allowing a user to transfer a call from one mobile device to another and even to a business desk phone or home phone.  Calls can be transferred without having to hang up and redial so communication can be integrated and continuous.  The other party on the call doesn’t even have to know that the call was moved from one device to another.

Empower mobile workers

The Univerge 3C client softphone is able to turn a networked PC into a virtual business telephone for commuters and telecommuters.  Additionally, it works without a Virtual Private Network (VPN) so that remote workers can be productive from any location.

Univerge 3C can be installed in virtual environments maximizing server hardware usage.  Both Hyper-V and VMware are supported.  Univerge 3C can also be run on industry standard hardware.

Mobile working is empowered by the Univerge 3C Client.   The UC Client can work on a wide variety of smartphones, mobile devices and laptops, providing features that enhance enterprise level communication, collaboration, and productivity. The NEC Univerge 3C client provides the agility necessary for today’s work environment and gives users total control over how, when, and where they can be reached.

Mobility empowers your workforce, get in touch with streamWrite today to find out more about this powerful solution from our partner NEC.

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