Top 3 Concerns about Cloud Phone Solutions

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The cloud is the latest destination for UC.  Increasingly, organizations are turning to cloud technology to lift their phone system off the ground and into the stratosphere of clarity, cost effectiveness, and user friendliness.  The cloud is flexible, scalable, and offers cost savings along with mobility, and a unified set of communication solutions that make collaboration easier.  However, many organizations are still hesitating to launch their phone system into the cloud.  What is this fear of heights about and — is it at all realistic?

How secure is the cloud?

At first, the cloud may appear to be a nebulous place, I mean – it is called “the cloud”.  How secure can anything in a “cloud” be?  Of course, cloud-based phone solutions are anything but fluffy, they are powerful tools that provide new ways to communicate and collaborate.   Even so, some users worry that outsiders could steal a phone and use it to hack into their network.   Another worry is that calls will be listened to, and companies will lose control of confidential and vital information.  There’s also the worry that illegitimate calls will be placed to exotic and far off locations, causing headaches and huge bills.

All of these villainous possibilities have been considered and UC providers like our partners ShoreTel are on it.  They have firmware built into their phones with unique digital signatures.  These unique signatures can’t be re-written, limiting the ability of even the most skilled hacker to place, listen to, or disrupt calls.  Additionally, SIP is used to encrypt signaling information.  This strong encryption effectively prevents hackers from obtaining authentication information from the call signaling to make their own calls or disrupt the VoIP service of a call.


Many companies prefer to have their IT Managers handle any issues that may arise with their phone system.  They also trust IT Managers to proactively troubleshoot issues with the phone system, IVR, ITR, and other UC solutions.  Handing over this inside control can seem like an unnecessary risk.

Control and risk are related worries. However, world-class phone systems like our partner ShoreTel, familiar with Unified Communications pitfalls and best practices, are able to optimize and tailor cloud solutions to the needs of each organization.  They also have the experience and expertise to allow your company to collaborate and communicate, instead of worrying endlessly about the technical details of your phone system.

ATI Connect will also work with your company to insure that all bases are covered and that your phone system is working in the cloud for you just as it would on-premises.  It may be that your company prefers a hybrid solution, and we can always work with you to make that cost-effective and efficient.  However, an all cloud solution will enable your IT Manager to pay attention to things other than your phone system and UC solutions.  This frees up  valuable time.  We will help you ascertain which path is right for your organization.

How reliable is a cloud system?

Finally reliability is a worry for many companies. Nothing is worse than a call being dropped during a customer service call or on an inbound sales inquiry.  However, today cloud solutions have redundancy built in and whether the issue is a down circuit or a catastrophic event, cloud solutions from trusted providers have the ability to rise to the occasion.  Moreover, without a doubt, cloud providers enable companies to invest more time and money into other necessary solutions and equipment.

Of course, concerns about security, control, and risk are all legitimate.  It would be remiss of a company to not take all these things into serious consideration when considering a move to the cloud.  StreamWrite works with trusted solutions like ShoreTel to provide the very best experience in the cloud or on-premises.

We take care of your phones so you don’t have to.  Contact us today to find out more.

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