How Your Phone System Hinders Business Growth

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There’s good news… the economy has picked up and customers are flocking to your site and to your products and services.  The increased demand has put some extra pressures on your company to grow your employee base.  In today’s business environment this means your employees need to be available nearly anytime, anywhere and on nearly any device.  Your business phone system will have to be flexible, mobile and scalable.  Can your current phone system do the trick?

That’s not hard to figure out but the answer may be disappointing.  Most legacy phone systems are just not capable of meeting the consistent demand for expansion coupled with flexibility that so many companies require now.  Depending on your system, there may be hard limitations built in that limit growth; a set number of lines, extensions or users may confound your organization’s ability to expand as productivity soars.  Your phone system might even be one that requires you to replace or upgrade your hardware in order to accommodate even a small set of new users.  This is a truly frustrating scenario.  All of these changes will cost time and money and take the same away from your growing business.

Can your phone system grow with your company?

When choosing a new phone system, it is difficult to anticipate all that your business needs until you are caught in a period of growth and its demands.  Of course, you know you will need dial tone, easy access for all employees, and at least some of the cool new phone features that improve productivity and customer satisfaction.  You may consider tools that make it easier to collaborate across your organization – enhanced presence, ITR, call recording, video conferencing.  Is what you have now up to the challenge?

Here is a simple checklist of what you are most likely to need in a phone system:

  • Ability to quickly respond to changes in your company infrastructure like new offices or the hiring of new employees
  • Flexibility and mobility to support employees who are mobile and work remotely
  • Adaptability to respond to seasonal spikes in call volume and usage
  • Support to help your employees intuitively activate and self-service their phones

 3 benefits you get using a world-class cloud phone system

There is more good news.  These days more companies are venturing into world-class cloud phone systems and away from legacy phone technology that leaves them on the ground floor without the ability to take off.  Today, there are options that are intuitive, reliable and secure.   Your IT and Operations staff need tools that support your evolving business needs and provide the three key areas of agility:

  • Quickly add and remove employees no matter where they’re located in the United States.  Not only can your employees work remotely or on the go, but you will be able to add employees easily as your company grows.  Simplicity is powerful.


  • Ensure a consistent user experience to drive company-wide productivity.  After all, the easier it is to connect to a system, the more productive and motivated to succeed you and each of your employees will be.


  • Turn phone system management over to a trusted third-party provider.  Certainly, some IT Manager or executives prefer to maintain control over their phone systems, but others are finding that managing a phone system is a needless distraction.  As your responsibilities increase, a phone system that requires you to always check in on it can seem like a millstone instead of a business asset.  Today, world-class cloud phone systems give your company the option to choose how much or how little you manage, and also offer 24/7 support.


Your business is growing and requires the right tools, the best tools to keep it dynamic and productive.  Tools that support flexibility and mobility, not limit it.  Possibly, it’s time to consider your phone system as a critical business tool, a partner in your growth and success that can drive your business forward.   If your phone system can’t expand as your business does, it’s holding your business back.

Now might be the right time to consider moving your phone system to the cloud. StreamWrite can help your company to make the decision, along with our partner ShoreTel.  ShoreTel Connect is offering cloud solutions that are innovative and easy to use.  Let us know today when you want to find out more.

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