Change is in The Air for the New Year: UC Transforms into BC

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Happy Holiday Season! The blog will be taking a short sabbatical till January, but I will be back with more news and information from the ever accelerating transformational world of Business Communications in the New Year. 

UC is changing quickly as technology accelerates and expands the reach of our ability to communicate and collaborate, so quickly that the term Unified Communications feels increasingly like a limitation. Business Communications or “BC” better describes the sweep of change encompassing communications as business process applications become more prevalent, changing the way customers interact with businesses.

UC Summit has become the BC Summit

Business Communications moves Contact Centers beyond customer service to customer interaction creating business applications that interact and anticipate the needs of customers and other users. The UC Summit in La Jolla this year, a yearly conference of UC providers and thought leaders, was aptly renamed the BC Summit in recognition of this tidal wave of change.  As business communication processes move beyond simple person-to-person contact and into a world that is multimodal and interoperable, streamWrite will be there continuing to provide guidance and innovative solutions to anyone who wants to communicate and collaborate efficiently and dynamically.

CEBP – Communications Enabled Business Processing takes the stage

Click-for-assistance APIs are now situating themselves inside mobile apps and WebRTC enables real-time contact between consumers and businesses like never before. Legacy phone calls are still important but choice has never been as abundant when it comes to communication and collaboration.  Customers can be notified in more ways than one now and even email is being crowded out by CEBP or Communications Enabled Business Processing where mobile consumers can be notified and respond to messages enabled by business processes.  What all these changes mean and what they portend will become the subjects of future blog posts!  The future is arriving and another acronym has taken up residence: goodbye simple UC, hello BC apps!

We’re on top of it

Meanwhile do contact us here at steamWrite, an ATI Connect company, if you are interested in discovering the future of business communications and in helping us to create that future for you, by ascertaining what your company needs. Things are changing fast and we always strive to stay ahead.  See you here next year!  Merry Xmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year!




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