Imperial County News: Superior Court Launches New Interactive Payment System

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The New Year is already off to a promising beginning for The Imperial County Superior Court.  Last week the court implemented a new interactive payment system from streamWrite (an ATI Connect company).   In the past, paying fees and fines to the court could be a burdensome task for a public increasingly on the go and for a court cutting costs while still striving to maintain a high standard of service.  The new system helps lighten the load for all concerned. 

It provides a way for the public to directly access their court case, review their payment options, and immediately make a payment.  The interactive payment system is also available 24 hours a day in Spanish and in English.  With this new bilingual and interactive system, the public in Imperial County is now able to easily access information pertinent to their case and make payments on their own schedule.  Payments are made online or by voice using an IVR or a web response system specifically engineered by ATI Connect to make payments a breeze instead of a chore.  This year, innovation will drive convenience.

Dwindling Resources do not always mean Diminished Service

Imperial County Superior Court Executive Officer Tammy Grimm stated, “In an era where dwindling public resources often results in reduced public services, I am pleased we are able to create increased accessibility to the court now with these options.”

Interactive Payment System lightens the Load

Currently, the court employs eight full-time call center agents.  They often spend time answering generic questions; these can now easily be answered using the interactive payment solution’s IVR or web response system.  The call center agents will no longer have to spend as much time processing payments either and callers won’t be as frustrated by long wait times for an available agent. Terri Darr, the Court’s Financial Officer observes that “It would be ideal if we could see half of the calls we typically receive no longer (needing) to be made.  It was a costly process because of the man-hours required.”

By using their Driver’s License or California ID, case or infraction number, the interactive system can be accessed by any individual needing to find out whether they are eligible for proof of correction, traffic school, or a 30-day extension, according to a press release from the Superior Court.  Payment options are also available through the interactive system as well as the ability to calculate a fine and to ascertain the fine’s outstanding balance if needed.  The system’s features are rich and developed for ease of use.

The Imperial County Superior Court happily joins a long list of Superior Courts in California that have been migrating to interactive payment systems utilizing online web response and IVR phone options.  The future of justice is here.

ATI Connect in the News

All of this and more information about the new Interactive payment system can be found in an article from the “Imperial Valley Press” – yes, a streamWrite/ATI Connect solution made the headlines and we were so honored and pleased to see our work for the Superior Court receiving recognition and kudos.  We congratulate the Imperial County Superior Court on their foresight and hard work with us on this project.  The idea for this project was proposed initially by Terri Darr and by Court Technology Manager Ralph Meza in 2014.  The article is here (may be behind a pay wall, which is why I have summarized):

Imperial County Superior Court Launches New Payment System

This interactive payment system is available for your court or business and can be tailored to your specifications.   Do let us know today if you want to find out more.

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