The Cloud Helps Your Business Begin

Posted on: February 9th, 2016 by Max Valerio No Comments

lenticular clouds

The cloud lends itself to forms of collaboration and communication that are unprecedented.  Cloud enables small businesses to access tools that were once only accessible to larger enterprises due to cost, so that unlikely entrepreneurs with lower budgets can now start companies.  

Operating expenses or OpEx are ascendant with cloud and CapEx or capital expenditures no longer have to take precedence; expenditures for expensive equipment can be delayed indefinitely while a business ramps up.  The cloud enables a small company to expand a contact center from 5 to 25 operators due to it being elastic (see my last blog post) and then, to contract if 25 operators is found to be too many.  That kind of elasticity gives a business the room to maneuver and experiment, creating and recreating itself as it finds its niche market.  An elastic cloud also helps businesses keep pace with increasing demand during the holidays or at other peak demand intervals.  Without a doubt, the cloud is the engineer of business expansion, and has become a sound business decision for both enterprises and SMBs.

Hybrid Cloud keeps possibilities open

Hybrid cloud environments support the best of both worlds, enabling companies to take advantage of the elasticity of the cloud as well as the enduring security of on-premise servers.  It may also be true that certain legacy applications need to be deployed on-premise and that these cannot be sacrificed.  Certainly, the business model that is cloud can be even more powerful when a hybrid solution is deployed.  Not choosing between cloud and on-premise *  is *  a choice that in itself can be advantageous and strategic.

Here at streamWrite (an ATI Connect company) we can help you sort through these choices and deploy IVR, ITR, virtual appearance solutions, and other UC and UCC enabling apps and applications.  Let us know what you want to discover today.

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