ShoreTel Connect HYBRID  – The Best of Both Worlds

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ShoreTel Connect is going hybrid with the new ShoreTel Connect HYBRID and bringing the best of both worlds to businesses.   ShoreTel Connect HYBRID combines onsite and cloud for maximum flexibility, strategically blending the ease and convenience of cloud with the stability of onsite. 
Always brilliantly simple, ShoreTel is delivering the ability to mix and match onsite and cloud sites leveraging existing investments in equipment with freshly innovative cloud capabilities.  A VoIP pioneer, ShoreTel has consistently led the way with UC solutions that are both innovative and easy to use.  They recognize, as we do, that not all businesses are ready to ditch existing UC infrastructure doing a rip and replace on equipment that still works.

Scalability, Flexibility

ShoreTel Connect HYBRID also helps businesses scale seasonally with minimal impact.  Companies can deploy ShoreTel Connect CLOUD and ShoreTel Connect ONSITE systems to different locations while providing automated directory synchronization and extension-to-extension dialing, Caller ID, and 100% feature parity (although not transparency) between both deployment models.  Apps can be deployed quickly without adding new equipment.  Also, HYBRID enables businesses to migrate to the cloud easily by providing a clear migration path from an onsite deployment to an all-cloud deployment in time, if desired.

ATI Connect and ShoreTel are partnered to eliminate business communications complexity and headaches.  We do the thinking and heavy lifting around technology and communicating so you don’t have to!  ShoreTel has built a reputation as a brilliantly simple solution for UC and telephony; talk to us today to find out more about ShoreTel Connect HYBRID or — our many other wonderful partners and solutions.

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