Courts Struggle to Cut Costs: VCourt Saves Money

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gavel mouse

Courts all over the country are in fiscal pain, doubling down on staff after cuts, cutting hours, and sometimes even closing courthouses.  (more…)

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ShoreTel Connect HYBRID  – The Best of Both Worlds

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ShoreTel Connect is going hybrid with the new ShoreTel Connect HYBRID and bringing the best of both worlds to businesses.   ShoreTel Connect HYBRID combines onsite and cloud for maximum flexibility, strategically blending the ease and convenience of cloud with the stability of onsite.  (more…)

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Presence — Do We Still Need It?

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Do you check for presence when you send a message?   Most likely not, although you generally might glance and see if someone is in the office or not.  (more…)


The Cloud Helps Your Business Begin

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lenticular clouds

The cloud lends itself to forms of collaboration and communication that are unprecedented.  Cloud enables small businesses to access tools that were once only accessible to larger enterprises due to cost, so that unlikely entrepreneurs with lower budgets can now start companies.   (more…)

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What Makes a Cloud Elastic?

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Two servers in the clouds

The cloud continues to transform communication and collaboration and in 2016 this will only accelerate.  (more…)

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ShoreTel Acquires Corvisa: Expands Cloud Solutions

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ShoreTel just added another stellar UC cloud solution to its array of brilliantly simple telephony and UC offerings with the recent completion of its acquisition of Corvisa.  Corvisa LLC is a UC cloud provider of standards-based APIs, customizable IVRs, SIP trunking, and a standalone cloud contact center.  All will complement and expand Shoretel’s cloud-based offerings and provide new sources of hosted revenue.  (more…)

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Imperial County News: Superior Court Launches New Interactive Payment System

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The New Year is already off to a promising beginning for The Imperial County Superior Court.  Last week the court implemented a new interactive payment system from streamWrite (an ATI Connect company).   In the past, paying fees and fines to the court could be a burdensome task for a public increasingly on the go and for a court cutting costs while still striving to maintain a high standard of service.  The new system helps lighten the load for all concerned.  (more…)

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Change is in The Air for the New Year: UC Transforms into BC

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cloud computing lots of devices

Happy Holiday Season! The blog will be taking a short sabbatical till January, but I will be back with more news and information from the ever accelerating transformational world of Business Communications in the New Year.  more

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ShoreTel Wins Two Interactive Media Awards

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shoretel logo good

Always a step ahead of the pack ShoreTel was honored by the Interactive Media Council, Inc. as “Best in Class” by their 2015 Interactive Media Awards (IMA) for its website in two categories:  B2B and Telecommunications.  (more…)

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Giving Thanks for the Powers of the Amazing, Expanding Phone

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turkeys and phones

So the White House is ready to pardon another lucky turkey just as everyone is fixing to sit down with family and friends and chow down on an unlucky yet delicious turkey and  — give our appropriate thanks!  The holiday season begins officially with the carving of that turkey leg and the clink of Thanksgiving wine glasses as well as the seasonal communication with relatives and friends in far away places.   Today we have so many ways to communicate that there is never an excuse not to, and the good news is that these options are now easier and less costly than ever before.  Of course, this extends to business.  

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NEC Presents UNIVERGE BLUE to Guide Your Business into the Cloud

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NEC Skyscraper

NEC is moving ahead again, unveiling UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services, an enterprise-class cloud UC service that includes voice, messaging, mobility, presence, web conferencing, and contact center solutions.  NEC has over 100 years of experience bringing innovative communication solutions to the world starting in Japan and becoming an international megastar in UC.  UNIVERGE BLUE architecture is exceptionally resilient all the way from the application layer to the platform and infrastructure layers, delivering a complete end-to-end robust business cloud solution.  (more…)

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Customer Service and UC: Many Options for Success

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Four blank white speech bubbles


Customer Service is an art form, best practiced with resourcefulness, enthusiasm, empathy, efficiency, and good listening skills.  We are famous for our customer service in the USA and people in countries around the world have been trained in many of the techniques that were first pioneered here by people like Dale Carnegie.  Even with these time-tested techniques, new innovations are being created by Unified Communications (UC).  These innovations are being tested on the fly.  Technology always creates new challenges as well as fulfillment for customers.  Classic strategies that have always been effective, like good listening skills, are now finding new ways to be deployed.   (more…)

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ShoreTel Expands Down Under

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Today, some news!  Our partner ShoreTel, creator of brilliantly simple IP telephony and Unified Communications solutions, has expanded its reach down under with the acquisition of Australia’s M5 Networks, a hosted voice services provider.  (more…)

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How Your Phone System Hinders Business Growth

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There’s good news… the economy has picked up and customers are flocking to your site and to your products and services.  The increased demand has put some extra pressures on your company to grow your employee base.  In today’s business environment this means your employees need to be available nearly anytime, anywhere and on nearly any device.  Your business phone system will have to be flexible, mobile and scalable.  Can your current phone system do the trick? (more…)

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Interactive Intelligence Wins the Ventana Research 2015 Technology Innovation Award

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Contact Center technology, often relatively conservative – even stodgy, has become less risk averse in recent years and is often leading now with tools that augment and accelerate unified communications (UC). These new features are meeting and often exceeding user expectations for collaboration, customer insight, and mobility.    (more…)

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Empowered Mobility: The Univerge 3C Client from NEC

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NEC Univerge 3C on tablet


Always innovative and ahead of the curve, NEC has a software-based solution that enables users to communicate intuitively and conveniently.  The Univerge 3C client helps enterprises and small businesses to maintain their competitive edge by providing a complete, software-based IP telephony and Unified Communications and Collaboration solution (UCC) that empowers with reliable, secure, and scalable features.   (more…)

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Top 3 Concerns about Cloud Phone Solutions

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The cloud is the latest destination for UC.  Increasingly, organizations are turning to cloud technology to lift their phone system off the ground and into the stratosphere of clarity, cost effectiveness, and user friendliness.  The cloud is flexible, scalable, and offers cost savings along with mobility, and a unified set of communication solutions that make collaboration easier.  However, many organizations are still hesitating to launch their phone system into the cloud.  What is this fear of heights about and — is it at all realistic? (more…)

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What Voice Quality? The Lost Art of Making Phone Calls on a Phone

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I bought an iPhone 6s last week lured by its sleek metallic exterior, colorful user-friendly apps and simple yet alluring user interface, high resolution camera, enticing  speed, and of course – Siri.  When I was touring smart phones, picking them up and weighing my many options, the salesperson was quick to point out all the features that made each phone distinctive: camera quality, ease of use, variety of apps, storage capacity, and battery life.  Not once did she mention voice quality.  Now, when you think about it, this is strange.  After all, the purpose of a phone originally and primarily is to make phone calls.  Or, so it has been in the past.   (more…)

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UC: Were the Experts Right or Wrong?

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UC is a cornucopia of powerful technologies — although sometimes, it can seem more like a Pandora’s box than a succulent basket of innovation. All the acronyms: IVR, ITR, UC, UCC, UCSaaS, WebRTC, BYOD and on and on along with personal agents, cloud or hybrid, business process automation, remote working, voice recognition — what does it all mean?  And, how is UC useful for your business? (more…)

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Biometrics: Privacy and the Law

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In March, here in California, an attempt by the California Department of Justice to automatically use and share biometrics (facial recognition technology) on photos taken at the DMV was stopped before it could start.   (more…)

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Justice is served! streamWrite/ATI Connect Justice Portals

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Dispensing justice relies on efficiency and a strict adherence to protocol. It also requires transparency and a real commitment to keeping costs low while maintaining the highest level of service to the public. Today, technology is expediting justice. (more…)

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How are Virtual Appearances Changing the Courtroom?

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In these uncertain times, courts are having to make budget cuts. The necessity to cut costs requires a close ongoing assessment of both routine as well as incidental expenses.  Many court procedures and expenses are under scrutiny; efficiency is valued as never before.  (more…)

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Voice Attestation: Voice Signatures Mandated by new California Law

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A voice is a signature – unique and complex.  It cannot be exactly duplicated, even by the most talented voice actor.  Today voice attestation, also known as a telephonic signature or voice signature, provides one of the most secure, simple, and easily obtainable means of guaranteeing authenticity and safeguarding security.  Voice attestation is becoming an accepted and powerful way to obtain an electronic signature just as the need for the convenience and security of an electronic signature becomes exponentially more crucial to government, non-profits, public corporations, and private businesses.  (more…)

ONE is the Number: ShoreTel Connect has Launched!

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rtaImage shoretel phone ip485g

The highly anticipated ShoreTel Connect has launched!  The largest launch in company history, Connect unites ShoreTel products for both cloud and premises into one common solution strategically poised to bring more choice to businesses, even as it simplifies and unifies. (more…)

NEC tailors UNIVERGE 3C for Hospitality Home Run

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hotel nec

Hospitality remains one of the great frontiers of Unified Communications.  A landscape with enormous potential, UC is only held back by the fact that hotels tend to be more conservative than most businesses when it comes to technology.   For example, analog phones AKA POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) are still provided in most guest rooms instead of IP phones.  These reliable dowagers are the simplest solution, easy to administrate from a central location, providing a service that requires little technical expertise to configure or maintain.  (more…)

Transform your Contact Center from Cost Center to Profit Center

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Call centers have traditionally been viewed as cost centers.  Money was poured in, but rarely resurfaced.  As customer service centers they were awkward and often — tone-deaf.   Never a fun experience for customers but tolerable, things have only gotten worse.    (more…)

Train Users to Get the Most out of UC

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UC opens up enormous possibilities for employee collaboration and communication, but only if its many useful features are utilized.  Not knowing how to use even a simple ITR application properly and to its optimum capacity can hobble the success of deploying Unified Communications tools and ultimately, lose money. (more…)

Personal UC: People come First

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Business People In Meeting

As people use tools they change them.  Interacting with tools, whether virtual or actual, eventually effects how those tools are deployed, how they are organized, and how they are considered.   In time, the way tools are used may change how a tool is imagined and then created.  UC is no exception.  (more…)

Happy 4th of July! Telepresence to Connection

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Happy 4th of July to all of our customers, partners, and to all you folks just stumbling upon this blog for the first time.  Here at streamWrite we are working hard to make sure that all communication channels are clear and humming as we all glide into the holiday weekend.  Whether you are relaxing at home with friends, grilling steak or hotdogs or veggie burgers — have a great weekend and Independence Day!  (more…)

Mobility Transforms Tech

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Mobility is transforming the way people work and live all around the world with astonishing speed, giving billions of people a small supercomputer to carry snugly in their pockets or stealthily in their purses or messenger bags – a smartphone.  The price of entry to mobile phones has now become relatively low and what was once the province of the elite in the developed world is now spreading across the developing world.  In sub-Saharan Africa people talk, chat, and browse on smartphones even if they are living somewhere without running water or electricity.  Their phones are their portals to knowledge and communication, and finally with the use of eCommerce and business apps — to increasing prosperity. (more…)

DVSAnalytics: Our Partner in Speech Analytics Understands Calls

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In today’s expanding regulatory environment where compliance is an escalating concern, DVSAnalytics is carving out a strong niche as a tested and reliable provider of solutions to ensure compliance. While also ensuring speed and efficiency in government agency call centers. (more…)

ATI – streamWrite Adult and Aging Services Interactive Portal Answers the Phone at Last

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Nothing is more frustrating than calling a government agency with an urgent question and being routed through tedious meandering transfers — to one apparently clueless operator after another  — until finally, the call is dispatched to that proverbial small and airless room where a lone phone rings and rings and rings.  The eternally unanswered telephone in a small dusty government agency room exists only in our frustrated imaginations, yet sometimes one wonders.    (more…)

NEC Revolutionizes the Desktop Phone – Enter the UT880

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nec image ut880

NEC innovates ahead of the rest, consistently creating desktop business phones that stretch possibilities in Unified Communications (UC), illustrating how the traditional desktop business phone remains relevant through reimagining its best features in combination with new cutting edge technologies.

Our Municipal Self-Service Portals Open up Cost Saving Efficiency!

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Even as the Great Recession recedes and economic recovery continues, nothing can be taken for granted. Here in California, the continuing drought threatens the state’s economic viability. The recovery is also far from complete, while the Bay Area job market is booming, other parts of the state still linger in relative doldrums. Because of these factors and an ongoing pursuit of fiscal prudence, government efficiency and saving is more important than ever. Enter ATI – streamWrite Self-Service Municipal Portals, designed specifically to expedite service to the public while cutting costs and thereby reducing the burden on state taxpayers. (more…)

The Future has Arrived: ShoreTel UC Mobility for the Apple Watch

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The wearable technology revolution is only beginning with the Apple Watch being the latest invention to catwalk with feverish aplomb onto the tech runway.  ShoreTel is now making an appearance alongside with its own UC Mobility app created especially for the Apple Watch.  (more…)

Simplify Choice with the new ShoreTel Connect

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Always brilliantly simple yet willing to innovate, ShoreTel has created a new platform called ShoreTel Connect that unifies all of its solutions on one platform while retaining their diversity as on-premise, cloud, and hybrid.  ShoreTel Connect, will be released in August and is highly anticipated to be a major and comprehensive UC platform that will enhance the ease of deploying ShoreTel solutions.  (more…)

Why Businesses Need to Pay Attention to Telecommuting

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Remote working arrangements are here to stay and becoming more popular all the time.  Of course, not every company is taking advantage. 

Messaging Grows Up: Multi-modal Unified Messaging

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   Smartphone with cloud of application icons Mobility’s impact on communication is only beginning to be realized.  At one time, voice calls were the predominant business tool for immediate, substantive communication.  As the smartphone became ubiquitous and tablets emerged, so did something now called “Multi-modal Unified Messaging”, an extension and subset  of Unified Communications.   No longer is voice the only means for people to communicate quickly and easily.  Now, Instant Messaging and SMS texts are beginning to displace phone calls as the quickest and most convenient and least disruptive — form of communication.  (more…)

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ShoreTel Connect: the Cloud — `A la carte!

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Cloud computing concept with copy space  The cloud has so much to offer, that it’s hard to know where to begin.  ShoreTel Sky is a cloud solution that has been growing rapidly, providing businesses with easy and nearly invisible application upgrades and maintenance as well as increased mobility and agility.   Even so, an existing investment in an on-premises phone system, particularly one that is reliable and resilient like ShoreTel on-premises phones and applications, is hard to exchange for a promising yet unfamiliar new model.   And, why should anyone have to choose?  Possibly, not having to make that choice is the best option of all!  Or, electing to choose only those services that feel most necessary and that are easy to deploy and relatively risk free.  Now, ShoreTel has made this choice possible!   (more…)

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BYOD! Bring Your Own Device and Make It Work for Your Business

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  mobile-security-BYOD-300x300  To anyone encountering the acronym for the first time, “BYOD” looks like a typo.  Possibly this new employee perk appears a tad too celebratory until  — employees find that the actual meaning is even better news than an office party.    (more…)

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Planning for Unified Communications – A Quick How-To

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    plans woman thinking   Feel like your office communications are a snarl of missed connections and overlapping signals? Almost like you are using cans on a string to talk to each other, or relying on the good old — shout across the room? Possibly, it’s time for a new system, new phones! These days, there’s a lot more than phones to the matter, communications have morphed into Unified Communications and now is the time to catch up and find your own solutions. (more…)

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Everyone is watching their Phones: Why you need Interactive Text Response

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 Business colleagues reading an SMS while in a line  Have you ever noticed that no one looks up anymore when they are on the bus or the subway? There is even a robotic voice that automatically comes on a messaging system warning riders on San Francisco buses to look up and not at their phones when they are riding the bus.   I hear it every day on my commute and still — few look up. Everyone’s eyeballs appear to be glued to their phones, no matter what time of day or night, and nearly everywhere and in any place. (more…)

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PureCloud Directory Launched by Interactive Intelligence

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  ITSolutions-business-process-300x214  Imagine needing help on a project at work and being able to find just the right person for the job using a directory that lists not only their name, title, email and phone but also their certifications, work history, education, manager, and more — even where they are located in the company!  (more…)

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Happy New Year 2015!

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460723_stock-photo-champagne-new year  UC innovation accelerated in 2014 with the cloud, UCaaS, becoming more widespread even as business processes became further embedded into many UCaaS solutions, transforming a once simple business model into a more powerful and encompassing solution – a cloud canopy.  (more…)

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Even Famous Guys in Red Suits need UC

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rstock-footage-santa-claus-with-laptop-and-cell-phone    Already Christmas is here and at the North Pole reindeer are getting ready for the big ride across the rooftops of the land, possibly Santa is using Interactive Text Response? (more…)

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Innovate in the Cloud

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Lenticular_clouds   Change is washing over the entire globe like an electric tsunami clearing out older business models as new ideas take hold about how transportation and housing are sold and how funds are raised.  The new and controversial “sharing” economy is cloud based, and more players are coming in all the time to try out new ideas and reap the rewards of innovation and risk taking.  (more…)

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Unified Communications as a Service – UCaaS: The Cloud and BYOD in 2015

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14571377-internet-cloud-network-red-hot-air-balloons   Odds are that 2015 will see the ongoing adoption of BYOD or – Bring Your Own Device.  (more…)

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The Office of the Future is Smart – Is that a Good Thing?

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   11763980-human-head-figure-the-concept-of-artificial-intelligence   As the future advances toward us, all types of possibilities appear to multiply.  Unified Communications (UC) is a harbinger and a result of that future imagining since it is technology that is interconnected and yet offers choices and discrete options. (more…)

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ShoreTel Sky Mobility – Put a Cloud in Your Pocket

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  Mobility Putting a cloud in your pocket is now brilliantly simple!  ShoreTel is now enabling mobile devices to communicate with their ShoreTel Sky business cloud through the ShoreTel Sky Mobility client!  (more…)

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UC or Unified Communications – What’s the Fuss About?

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stock-photo-25061883-business-dog-on-the-phone   In an age when choice is ubiquitous and nothing feels entirely certain, when unifying principles appear outdated or at least, unclear – why has the idea of UC or Unified Communications become such a bellwether for technological innovation? (more…)

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Click-to-call – a Simple Way to Create Success

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  stock-footage-smiling-call-centre-agents-working-with-headsets-in-a-bright-office  Want to convert your CRM into a quick dialing call monster?  A sleek call engine that converts a simple gesture, a click, directly into a call, jettisoning your sales and expediting your customer service?  Well, now there’s a way!  (more…)

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Interactive Intelligence whips up a PureCloud!

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  41460_cloud-clouds  PureCloud is here!  Contact Centers, once known for their stodginess, have been getting lighter and more nimble as more of them levitate to the cloud.  Always ahead of the pack, Interactive Intelligence has been in the cloud for many years, offering Contact Centers many services that were previously earth-bound — making sure that those services are secure and reliable.  CaaS, an internal private cloud or single tenant service, has been offered alongside their powerful on-premise solution — CIC or the Customer Interaction Center since 2009.   Now, PureCloud has arrived and is using the speed and power of Amazon Web Services to power a distributed cloud solution.  (more…)

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Customer Service goes Mobile: Real just got Realer!

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stock-footage-mobile-apps   People are always in motion, and boundaries are blurring as communication is no longer tethered to a stationary device called a desk phone.  Location is nearly tangential as people work remotely and don’t have to pay bills with a pen and paper.  Since people can work away from their offices, even at a coffee shop, one may wonder where their “real” office really is.  The age of paper, while it may never entirely fade, has been transformed into the age of at least two kinds of paper: one is virtual, and one you can hold in your hand.  The virtual sheet of paper is just as “real” somehow, as the “real” paper that can be crumbled and thrown into the waste basket or made into a paper plane — or is that really true?  Well, philosophical speculation aside, both are now being joined by another way of communication – the mobile app.  (more…)

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Speech Analytics: What are your Customers Really Telling You?

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Thumbspeech balloons 50369-0Everybody talks or at least, communicates – whether through speech, signs, or text.  Speech is now being analyzed in the contact center in many companies as part of an intelligence mining operation using a powerful and quickly evolving tool — one that is yielding important information for any business savvy enough to pay attention.   (more…)

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Connect and Communicate with streamWrite Text Interactive

Posted on: September 29th, 2014 by Max Valerio No Comments

Texting is becoming more popular all the time as people discover its inherent convenience and simplicity.  Millennials were ahead of the curve texting their friends instead of phoning ahead to cancel or update plans or just chat.  Business is finding that notifying customers or clients is often easier than even emailing, and certainly having many options available for communication is always optimal.  (more…)

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V-Court — Virtual Appearances Transform the Court Room

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lawyer court good v court shutterstock_2838867Even as courts all over the country are facing unprecedented fiscal pressures, technology is transforming the way that justice is administered.   Here at streamWrite we want to ease the pressure and advance solutions through automating processes for courts with our Justice Portals.   (more…)

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Location is not Limitation – Mobility Transforms Contact Centers

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Mobility may be the most explosive technological change in many years, possibly more far reaching in its repercussions than even cloud.  Because mobility places small computers AKA smartphones, into the hands of just about anyone and everyone, it disperses the ability to collaborate, create and communicate as never before.  Now, location is not limitation.  (more…)

Avoid Klingon Customer Service – Automate and Update

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Many of us have called our bank and been greeted by a disembodied voice that directs us to identify ourselves and our account – routing us to an appropriate channel or answering simple inquiries like bank balance.  This interactive and helpful series of answers, questions, and choices enunciated by a friendly or soothing voice is IVR or Interactive Voice Response.  (more…)

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Change Accelerates: Contact Centers Become Interaction Centers

Posted on: August 15th, 2014 by Max Valerio No Comments

Technology not only affects our business processes, transforming and multiplying efficiencies in many directions and into various modalities, technology also creates new meanings for common words.   (more…)

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Business Process Automation *IS * Excellent Customer Service

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Automating business processes is a strategically sound move that enables companies to move nimbly ahead of competitors through streamlining their ability to  — get things done.


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StreamWrite showcases Justice Portals at NACM in Scottsdale!

Posted on: June 24th, 2014 by Max Valerio No Comments

Revolutionary changes are sweeping through Court Management Systems!  StreamWrite’s V-Court and Interactive Text Response (SMS Interactive solution) are reshaping the way justice is administered, saving the courts enormous amounts of money while achieving greater efficiency.    StreamWrite, an ATI-Connect company, will be at the National Association for Court Management, the NACM Conference, in Scottsdale, Arizona on July 16th. We’ll be in Booth 408, so please do come over and say “hello” – we want to share the good news and discuss how we can help your court enter the world of instantaneous, mobile communication!   (more…)

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Announcing StreamWrite Portals

Posted on: May 5th, 2014 by Mark Seeba No Comments

Announcing StreamWrite Portals, our exciting new platform for driving customer self service and automated business process transactions to newStreamWrite Portals levels.



Streamwrite / ATI Connect Rebranding

Posted on: April 29th, 2014 by Mark Seeba No Comments

We would like to announce the reorganization and rebranding of Streamwrite and ATI. First we are renaming ATI to ATI Connect. ATI Connect will allow us to disambiguate ourselves from the other ATI named businesses and make it easier to find us on the web at

Additionally, we are spinning off our software development services to our affiliate company, Streamwrite. Please visit us online at for the latest news releases and product information. (more…)

Industry Web Event: TCPA: Impact On Your Business

Posted on: April 25th, 2014 by Mark Seeba No Comments

Webinar, TCPA Impact and Pitfalls

Join us for another key industry web event on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Our presenters (courtesy of Interactive Intelligence)will be presenting on the impacts of TCPA on your business. TCPA now covers calls to cell phones, texting, autodialers, fax, consent and more.

If you have an outbound call center or services or are considering implementing one of them, this information is critical.

Guest presenters include: Mike Bevel, Editor of INsideARM, Martha Buyer, telecommunications law attorney and Chad McCormick, Product Manager at Interactive Intelligence.

Live audience questions will be answered.

Tuesday April 29th, 8:30 a.m. PDT


 Interactive Intelligence Live Twitter Event


Sponsored by Interactive Intelligence


Are You Keeping Up With Key Contact Center Trends? Join Our Lunch & Learn

Posted on: April 21st, 2014 by Mark Seeba No Comments

Join us for our lunch & learn in Silicon Valley. Learn about how technologies in the contact center and delivering the best customer service continue to change.

Interactive Intelligence

Lori Bocklund, Founder & President, Strategic Contact, as well as acting as an industry consultant, will cover key performance indicators and best practices.

Joe Staples, CMO, Interactive Intelligence Inc. will present current trends, adoption of cloud services, social media as a contact channel and tools for enterprise collaboration.


OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability

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Heartbleed Bug

The OpenSSL Heartbleed bug is a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL’s encryption software library. The flaw exposes an opportunity to steal protected information through SSL/TLS encryption. Normally, encryption used to secure Internet traffic, SSL/TLS provides secure communications for email, instant messaging, Web and virtual private networks. (more…)

Lync Conference 2014 Info from the Event & Keynote – Universal Communications

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Lync 2014 Conference

Universal Communications

In Gurdeep Singh Pall’s (Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Skype and Lync) motivational keynote yesterday, he indicated that we are moving beyond unified communications into an era of universal communications where personal and business communications blur into an overarching universal communication strategy. (more…)

Microsoft Lync Conference 2014

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We will be attending the Microsoft Lync Conference 2014 at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas this week. This  year’s Lync Conference promises to be another huge Microsoft Lyncsuccess. The event sold out for the second consecutive year. We feel fortunate to be registered for this year’s conference!

We will be attending as many sessions as possible but would love the opportunity to visit with any customers that will also be attending. Let us know if you will be there.

Streamwrite Event Calendar

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We recently added an event calendar to our site. When you visit our site, a link to the calendar is in the upper right hand corner. (more…)

IPV6 Addressing Primer

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I am working on continuing my Microsoft studies and thought it would be helpful to complete a write up that I can refer back to and share with others on IPV6 addressing. This is only meant to be a primer. There is a link to more information towards the end of the post. (more…)

2014 Key Contact Center Trends Webinar Available Online

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If you missed the 2014 Key Contact Center Trends webinar you now have the opportunity to review the event online. We are please to announce the availability of this event for playback. (more…)

Interactive Intelligence CIC Achieves SAP Certification

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Interactive Intelligence’ industry leading contact center platform , the all-in-one Customer Interaction Center has achieved certification with the SAP CRM application. The certification was completed by the SAP Integration and Certification Center for CIC 4.0 with SAP CRM 7.0. (more…)

SysAdmins: 2014 Holiday Schedules, Now Is The Time

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To all of our system administrators, this is a friendly reminder to setup your 2014 holiday schedules on all of your telecom, call center, IVR and any other systems that require scheduling of activities on work days. (more…)

Microsoft Plans to Re-Brand Skydrive

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Microsoft OneDriveMicrosoft has announced the re-branding of their Skydrive product as OneDrive, The Microsoft cloud based service will continue to be part of Windows and Office 365 to the best of our knowledge.  (more…)

Protect Your Password Security

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Password SecurityWith news of compromised systems, hacks and password leaks bombarding us everyday, it is easy to worry, toss and turn at night and maybe even lose sleep over the security of our confidential data. Here are a couple of things that can be done to give us at least a little peace of mind that our critical information is safe on the internet.


2014 Key Contact Center Trends Webinar

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2014 Contact Center Trends



Please join us for an event on 2014 key contact center trends sponsored by Interactive Intelligence. As contact center technologies and the tools used for great customer service continue to change staying current with today’s trends is key. (more…)

Streamwrite Adds V-Court to Product Line Up

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Streamwrite has officially added its V-Court, virtual court appearance product to the suite of applications it offers the court space. With V-Court virtual court appearances, courts stand to save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in the handling and management of court appearances. (more…)

Interactive Intelligence CIC Achieves Microsoft Lync 2013 Interoperability

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Interactive Intelligence has achieved Lync 2013 Qualification for their CIC (Customer Interaction Center) all-in-one platform demonstrating Lync Interoperability.Interactive Intelligence


Steps to a Successful Data Migration

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Streamwrite Data Migration Services

Planning a data migration in the next year or two? Is it a small or large migration? Are you having difficulty determining the scope? Now is the time to get started in the  process. Follow these basic steps to a successful data migration.


Embracing the Courts of the Future at NACM Mid Year

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The theme of the upcoming National Association of Court Managers midyear conference in Savannah, GA is Embracing the Courts of the future with an agenda focused on how courts will look and operate in 20 to 25 Embracing the courts of the future at NACM Midyearyears. Workshops will focus on things like human capital, diversity, the changing nature of the workforce with layoffs furloughs and schedule changes to accommodate shifting budget priorities, technology, security and cyber threats. (more…)

Office 365 – You Can Still Run a Local Installation

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Move your office suite into the cloud with Office 365 with a local software installation

Many of the Office 365 business, non-profit and government plans give you the ability to run the software locally on each user’s PC. What you get is the ability to download and install Office Professional on your users’ computers with local running versions of: (more…)

CaaS Small Center – Deliver a Great Customer Experience with 50 Users or Less

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Earlier  this year, Interactive Intelligence release their CaaS small center product. This cloud based product is an ideal fit for the call center with 50 users or less that still demands the ability to deliver world class customer service. With CaaS Small Center, you can offer the features of a large call center on the same platform that is used by many of the most prominent contact centers. You get the same great software, with all of the features of a great contact center: (more…)

Configure DNS in MediaTemple for Office 365

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O365_logoI recently had to setup a new domain for Office 365 that uses Media Temple DNS hosting. What I found is that there is no information available on setting up the DNS records for Office 365 in a Media Temple DNS zone file. I did figure out how to do it, then I went ahead and wrote an article on explaining the process in detail.

You can find the article here MediaTemple – How to setup your DNS records for O365.

I hope you enjoying using Office 365 as much as we do at Streamwrite.

Creative Email Viruses : Keep Your Guard Up

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IMG-Virus1I recently received an email virus disguised as a voice mail message notification. Cleverly the .exe file was  wrapped in a .zip file and the view was set to not show the .exe file type

Luckily I sent an email to our technical team and confirmed that is was not a valid message. Once I was sure it was not valid, I carefully investigated the details before deleting the message while holding down the shift key (in Microsoft Outlook holding shift while hitting delete permanently deletes the item but only after  asking you to confirm; the message will not appear in your deleted items).

My anti-virus definitions are current and a colleague noticed that the same message was blocked on his email. Sometimes these messages can sneak through before your virus definitions are totally up to date. I did not open this message and avoided what could’ve turned out to be an attack on my computer or a creative way of stealing my confidential information.

The lesson  here: stay on guard all of the time. Not only do you risk the security of your personal information and the stability of your own system, you risk spreading this virus back to friends, family and coworkers.Email Virus