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StreamWrite Cloud (SWC) Services offers enterprise applications in the cloud through world-class data centers. Our cloud environment is designed by dedicated, certified staff and engineers. You will have a solution providing ample speed, scalability, security and reliability to meet your business needs.

Cloud Applications Offered

We are always adding new services to our suite of products so be sure to ask if an application you need is not in this list. As of October 2013, we are currently offering the following applications in the StreamWrite Cloud:

How We Operate

We create your specific service applications in the SWC with a sophisticated toolkit that allows us to configure your application rapidly while allowing it to interact with your back office systems, databases, web services and other SWC hosted applications.

Our web management tool gives you the ability to manage your hosted applications conveniently and easily.

Our application of cloud security best practices by utilizing documented policies, encrypting communications, segregating customer data, limiting data center access and reviewing our policies annually ensure that your data and your customer’s information is safe and secure.

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