StreamWrite Text Interactive

Who do you need to contact?

With StreamWrite Text Interactive you can do all three things.

Icon SMSOne To One Notifications

Send out information proactively as information changes to the device of preference for your users or customers. One To One Notifications are typically database driven to queue up outbound messages as data is changed. Messages are delivered during an appropriate time  window chosen by you or your message recipient. One To One notifications can rapidly notify hundreds or thousands of users with past due balances, appointment reminders, schedule changes or anything that your business process requires. Notification events are driven not only by database updates but also can be triggered through an API call or XML Web services.

One To Many TextOne To Many Notifications

One To Many Notifications give you the ability to send a single piece of information out to a group of people in a single, simple transaction. Notifications can announce a change of venue for an event, a calendar reminder for attendees, a change of location or more. Notifications can be schedule and processed to a group from a simple database query.

Interactive TextInteractive Text Response

Give your public or users the ability to text you with a request for a balance, due date, appointment or any type of status you want to make available. In fact, we can setup a two way dialogue with StreamWrite Text Interactive that will allow users to interact with your systems in an efficient and meaningful way.

Text SecurityHow We Do It

In many cases StreamWrite Text Interactive services are driven by simple database queries. StreamWrite Integration Services are available if needed to create a more complex workflow or event driven process. All of our Text Interactive services can be integrated with our other notification services for combined text, email and telephone notifications. Text services and can also be integrated with StreamWrite Process Automation Services for a robust workflow automation solution.

A text session can easily be shifted to a secure web dialogue in cases where encryption of communication channels is required to provide access to sensitive data.

Text messages are handled through our StreamWrite Cloud Data Center and offer a secure channel for necessary data exchange with our clients’ back office systems.


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