Customer Self Service

Customer Self ServiceMore than ever it is critical for enterprises to have an effective, easy-to-use, self-service strategy. The implementation of customer, self-service solutions  must be  relevant to the needs of your clientele, targeted to the immediate requirement that they have and kept up to date at all times. Systems should be regularly retested and for break fix and content validation. Our services are key to your implementation and maintenance of a successful, self-service program. We will steer towards a solution that will return money to your bottom line and keep your customers coming back for more.  A properly tailored system will be a pleasure for your customers to use while improving your efficiency and profitability. Talk to us ASAP about how we can help in this critical area.

We offer two types of deployments: Premise based systems that we sell and install in your data center and cloud services that are subscription based and maintained in our data center. In either configuration the systems are customized to deliver true value to you and your clientele.

Our StreamWrite Portals platform offers the best in customer-self service with IVR, IWR, integrated texting and proactive notifications and services. With tightly integrated business process automation there is practically no limit to what you can accomplish.  Visit out StreamWrite Portals product page.

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