Streamwrite Data Migration Services

Streamwrite Data Migration ServicesWith Streamwrite Data Migration Services you can efficiently migrate your data from a legacy application or service to a new database or application service provider. The goal is generally to move your data from the legacy database into the new service as efficiently as possible while maintaining the core asset, your data in the most accessible manner available.

Steps to the Data Conversion Process

Analyzing the Data

We begin by identifying your data requirements: the number of tables and fields that are required in the migration as well as the sheer number of records to be processed. While this may sound simple, there are several additional things to consider: Are tables and fields being brought over in a one to one correlation? Generally they are not. We need to consider that some records will be split into a one to many conversion to the destination database. Additionally, data may need to be consolidated rather than split in a many to one format. This is much more difficult but can be accomplished with the proper planning.

Data Mapping

Once we actually start the project, the first and most important task is to properly map the data from the source to the destination. This is a collaborative process that can take several weeks. While for many organizations this may seem like a daunting task, we are here to assist with simplifying the process as much as possible. We must be careful to pay special attention during this phase. The outcome and success of the entire data migration process is dependent on proper data mapping. Short cutting of this process can result in many of your data fields being migrated to comments fields in the destination host and that can require a lot of manual re-keying of data to bring your imported database records up to the desired level of functionality.

Conversion Engine

Once we complete the data mapping, we port the information into our custom programmed database conversion engine. This is Streamwrite proprietary software designed to aid in streamlining the data migration process. We include this software in our data migration pricing. We also have the expertise to create database interfaces specifically tailored to any database requiring data migration services.

Other Conversion Tools

Streamwrite will work with you to determine which tools need to be utilized during the conversion.  There are many cases where data migration services are requested utilizing a vendor API (application programming interface). It is important to consider many things during the planning of the conversion, such as: do the requested tools support all of the functions needed to bring in all required data elements? Or, will the tool in question perform quickly enough to accomplish processing the number of records required during the available migration window? These are areas where we help analyze the tools, the data and the entire process to ensure that your data migration is a success.

Test Conversions

Once the database mapping is complete and mapped into our conversion engine, we begin the test conversions. The output of these test conversions give us and you the ability to analyze the data in the test environment to validate that the conversions are successful to your standards before any final conversions are scheduled. These tests also allow us to determine, with certainty, the time window required for the final conversions so that proper phasing and scheduling of the conversions can be accomplished.  In some cases, phasing will be required by our clients to ensure that databases can be converted and brought online during non-critical hours in smaller batches so that systems are back online when they need to be.

Final Conversion

We wrap the whole process up with your final database conversion (or conversions depending on how the process is phased in). At the end of the project we want to ensure that you have had a successful data migration with the least disruption possible to your enterprise.

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