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ShoreTel Connect HYBRID  – The Best of Both Worlds

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ShoreTel Connect is going hybrid with the new ShoreTel Connect HYBRID and bringing the best of both worlds to businesses.   ShoreTel Connect HYBRID combines onsite and cloud for maximum flexibility, strategically blending the ease and convenience of cloud with the stability of onsite.  (more…)

The Cloud Helps Your Business Begin

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lenticular clouds

The cloud lends itself to forms of collaboration and communication that are unprecedented.  Cloud enables small businesses to access tools that were once only accessible to larger enterprises due to cost, so that unlikely entrepreneurs with lower budgets can now start companies.   (more…)

What Makes a Cloud Elastic?

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Two servers in the clouds

The cloud continues to transform communication and collaboration and in 2016 this will only accelerate.  (more…)

ShoreTel Acquires Corvisa: Expands Cloud Solutions

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ShoreTel just added another stellar UC cloud solution to its array of brilliantly simple telephony and UC offerings with the recent completion of its acquisition of Corvisa.  Corvisa LLC is a UC cloud provider of standards-based APIs, customizable IVRs, SIP trunking, and a standalone cloud contact center.  All will complement and expand Shoretel’s cloud-based offerings and provide new sources of hosted revenue.  (more…)

NEC Presents UNIVERGE BLUE to Guide Your Business into the Cloud

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NEC Skyscraper

NEC is moving ahead again, unveiling UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services, an enterprise-class cloud UC service that includes voice, messaging, mobility, presence, web conferencing, and contact center solutions.  NEC has over 100 years of experience bringing innovative communication solutions to the world starting in Japan and becoming an international megastar in UC.  UNIVERGE BLUE architecture is exceptionally resilient all the way from the application layer to the platform and infrastructure layers, delivering a complete end-to-end robust business cloud solution.  (more…)

How Your Phone System Hinders Business Growth

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There’s good news… the economy has picked up and customers are flocking to your site and to your products and services.  The increased demand has put some extra pressures on your company to grow your employee base.  In today’s business environment this means your employees need to be available nearly anytime, anywhere and on nearly any device.  Your business phone system will have to be flexible, mobile and scalable.  Can your current phone system do the trick? (more…)

ShoreTel Connect: the Cloud — `A la carte!

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Cloud computing concept with copy space  The cloud has so much to offer, that it’s hard to know where to begin.  ShoreTel Sky is a cloud solution that has been growing rapidly, providing businesses with easy and nearly invisible application upgrades and maintenance as well as increased mobility and agility.   Even so, an existing investment in an on-premises phone system, particularly one that is reliable and resilient like ShoreTel on-premises phones and applications, is hard to exchange for a promising yet unfamiliar new model.   And, why should anyone have to choose?  Possibly, not having to make that choice is the best option of all!  Or, electing to choose only those services that feel most necessary and that are easy to deploy and relatively risk free.  Now, ShoreTel has made this choice possible!   (more…)

PureCloud Directory Launched by Interactive Intelligence

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  ITSolutions-business-process-300x214  Imagine needing help on a project at work and being able to find just the right person for the job using a directory that lists not only their name, title, email and phone but also their certifications, work history, education, manager, and more — even where they are located in the company!  (more…)

Happy New Year 2015!

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460723_stock-photo-champagne-new year  UC innovation accelerated in 2014 with the cloud, UCaaS, becoming more widespread even as business processes became further embedded into many UCaaS solutions, transforming a once simple business model into a more powerful and encompassing solution – a cloud canopy.  (more…)

Innovate in the Cloud

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Lenticular_clouds   Change is washing over the entire globe like an electric tsunami clearing out older business models as new ideas take hold about how transportation and housing are sold and how funds are raised.  The new and controversial “sharing” economy is cloud based, and more players are coming in all the time to try out new ideas and reap the rewards of innovation and risk taking.  (more…)