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Interactive Intelligence Wins the Ventana Research 2015 Technology Innovation Award

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Contact Center technology, often relatively conservative – even stodgy, has become less risk averse in recent years and is often leading now with tools that augment and accelerate unified communications (UC). These new features are meeting and often exceeding user expectations for collaboration, customer insight, and mobility.    (more…)

BYOD! Bring Your Own Device and Make It Work for Your Business

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  mobile-security-BYOD-300x300  To anyone encountering the acronym for the first time, “BYOD” looks like a typo.  Possibly this new employee perk appears a tad too celebratory until  — employees find that the actual meaning is even better news than an office party.    (more…)

PureCloud Directory Launched by Interactive Intelligence

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  ITSolutions-business-process-300x214  Imagine needing help on a project at work and being able to find just the right person for the job using a directory that lists not only their name, title, email and phone but also their certifications, work history, education, manager, and more — even where they are located in the company!  (more…)

Interactive Intelligence whips up a PureCloud!

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  41460_cloud-clouds  PureCloud is here!  Contact Centers, once known for their stodginess, have been getting lighter and more nimble as more of them levitate to the cloud.  Always ahead of the pack, Interactive Intelligence has been in the cloud for many years, offering Contact Centers many services that were previously earth-bound — making sure that those services are secure and reliable.  CaaS, an internal private cloud or single tenant service, has been offered alongside their powerful on-premise solution — CIC or the Customer Interaction Center since 2009.   Now, PureCloud has arrived and is using the speed and power of Amazon Web Services to power a distributed cloud solution.  (more…)

Customer Service goes Mobile: Real just got Realer!

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stock-footage-mobile-apps   People are always in motion, and boundaries are blurring as communication is no longer tethered to a stationary device called a desk phone.  Location is nearly tangential as people work remotely and don’t have to pay bills with a pen and paper.  Since people can work away from their offices, even at a coffee shop, one may wonder where their “real” office really is.  The age of paper, while it may never entirely fade, has been transformed into the age of at least two kinds of paper: one is virtual, and one you can hold in your hand.  The virtual sheet of paper is just as “real” somehow, as the “real” paper that can be crumbled and thrown into the waste basket or made into a paper plane — or is that really true?  Well, philosophical speculation aside, both are now being joined by another way of communication – the mobile app.  (more…)

Change Accelerates: Contact Centers Become Interaction Centers

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Technology not only affects our business processes, transforming and multiplying efficiencies in many directions and into various modalities, technology also creates new meanings for common words.   (more…)

Business Process Automation *IS * Excellent Customer Service

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Automating business processes is a strategically sound move that enables companies to move nimbly ahead of competitors through streamlining their ability to  — get things done.