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Courts Struggle to Cut Costs: VCourt Saves Money

Posted on: March 8th, 2016 by Max Valerio No Comments

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Courts all over the country are in fiscal pain, doubling down on staff after cuts, cutting hours, and sometimes even closing courthouses.  (more…)

Imperial County News: Superior Court Launches New Interactive Payment System

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The New Year is already off to a promising beginning for The Imperial County Superior Court.  Last week the court implemented a new interactive payment system from streamWrite (an ATI Connect company).   In the past, paying fees and fines to the court could be a burdensome task for a public increasingly on the go and for a court cutting costs while still striving to maintain a high standard of service.  The new system helps lighten the load for all concerned.  (more…)

Biometrics: Privacy and the Law

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In March, here in California, an attempt by the California Department of Justice to automatically use and share biometrics (facial recognition technology) on photos taken at the DMV was stopped before it could start.   (more…)

Justice is served! streamWrite/ATI Connect Justice Portals

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Dispensing justice relies on efficiency and a strict adherence to protocol. It also requires transparency and a real commitment to keeping costs low while maintaining the highest level of service to the public. Today, technology is expediting justice. (more…)

How are Virtual Appearances Changing the Courtroom?

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In these uncertain times, courts are having to make budget cuts. The necessity to cut costs requires a close ongoing assessment of both routine as well as incidental expenses.  Many court procedures and expenses are under scrutiny; efficiency is valued as never before.  (more…)

Connect and Communicate with streamWrite Text Interactive

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Texting is becoming more popular all the time as people discover its inherent convenience and simplicity.  Millennials were ahead of the curve texting their friends instead of phoning ahead to cancel or update plans or just chat.  Business is finding that notifying customers or clients is often easier than even emailing, and certainly having many options available for communication is always optimal.  (more…)

V-Court — Virtual Appearances Transform the Court Room

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lawyer court good v court shutterstock_2838867Even as courts all over the country are facing unprecedented fiscal pressures, technology is transforming the way that justice is administered.   Here at streamWrite we want to ease the pressure and advance solutions through automating processes for courts with our Justice Portals.   (more…)

StreamWrite showcases Justice Portals at NACM in Scottsdale!

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Revolutionary changes are sweeping through Court Management Systems!  StreamWrite’s V-Court and Interactive Text Response (SMS Interactive solution) are reshaping the way justice is administered, saving the courts enormous amounts of money while achieving greater efficiency.    StreamWrite, an ATI-Connect company, will be at the National Association for Court Management, the NACM Conference, in Scottsdale, Arizona on July 16th. We’ll be in Booth 408, so please do come over and say “hello” – we want to share the good news and discuss how we can help your court enter the world of instantaneous, mobile communication!   (more…)