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Giving Thanks for the Powers of the Amazing, Expanding Phone

Posted on: November 25th, 2015 by Max Valerio No Comments

turkeys and phones

So the White House is ready to pardon another lucky turkey just as everyone is fixing to sit down with family and friends and chow down on an unlucky yet delicious turkey and  — give our appropriate thanks!  The holiday season begins officially with the carving of that turkey leg and the clink of Thanksgiving wine glasses as well as the seasonal communication with relatives and friends in far away places.   Today we have so many ways to communicate that there is never an excuse not to, and the good news is that these options are now easier and less costly than ever before.  Of course, this extends to business.  

BYOD! Bring Your Own Device and Make It Work for Your Business

Posted on: February 5th, 2015 by Max Valerio No Comments

  mobile-security-BYOD-300x300  To anyone encountering the acronym for the first time, “BYOD” looks like a typo.  Possibly this new employee perk appears a tad too celebratory until  — employees find that the actual meaning is even better news than an office party.    (more…)

Customer Service goes Mobile: Real just got Realer!

Posted on: October 20th, 2014 by Max Valerio No Comments

stock-footage-mobile-apps   People are always in motion, and boundaries are blurring as communication is no longer tethered to a stationary device called a desk phone.  Location is nearly tangential as people work remotely and don’t have to pay bills with a pen and paper.  Since people can work away from their offices, even at a coffee shop, one may wonder where their “real” office really is.  The age of paper, while it may never entirely fade, has been transformed into the age of at least two kinds of paper: one is virtual, and one you can hold in your hand.  The virtual sheet of paper is just as “real” somehow, as the “real” paper that can be crumbled and thrown into the waste basket or made into a paper plane — or is that really true?  Well, philosophical speculation aside, both are now being joined by another way of communication – the mobile app.  (more…)