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ShoreTel Connect HYBRID  – The Best of Both Worlds

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ShoreTel Connect is going hybrid with the new ShoreTel Connect HYBRID and bringing the best of both worlds to businesses.   ShoreTel Connect HYBRID combines onsite and cloud for maximum flexibility, strategically blending the ease and convenience of cloud with the stability of onsite.  (more…)

Presence — Do We Still Need It?

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Do you check for presence when you send a message?   Most likely not, although you generally might glance and see if someone is in the office or not.  (more…)

The Cloud Helps Your Business Begin

Posted on: February 9th, 2016 by Max Valerio No Comments

lenticular clouds

The cloud lends itself to forms of collaboration and communication that are unprecedented.  Cloud enables small businesses to access tools that were once only accessible to larger enterprises due to cost, so that unlikely entrepreneurs with lower budgets can now start companies.   (more…)

ShoreTel Acquires Corvisa: Expands Cloud Solutions

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ShoreTel just added another stellar UC cloud solution to its array of brilliantly simple telephony and UC offerings with the recent completion of its acquisition of Corvisa.  Corvisa LLC is a UC cloud provider of standards-based APIs, customizable IVRs, SIP trunking, and a standalone cloud contact center.  All will complement and expand Shoretel’s cloud-based offerings and provide new sources of hosted revenue.  (more…)

Change is in The Air for the New Year: UC Transforms into BC

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cloud computing lots of devices

Happy Holiday Season! The blog will be taking a short sabbatical till January, but I will be back with more news and information from the ever accelerating transformational world of Business Communications in the New Year.  more

ShoreTel Wins Two Interactive Media Awards

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shoretel logo good

Always a step ahead of the pack ShoreTel was honored by the Interactive Media Council, Inc. as “Best in Class” by their 2015 Interactive Media Awards (IMA) for its website in two categories:  B2B and Telecommunications.  (more…)

Giving Thanks for the Powers of the Amazing, Expanding Phone

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turkeys and phones

So the White House is ready to pardon another lucky turkey just as everyone is fixing to sit down with family and friends and chow down on an unlucky yet delicious turkey and  — give our appropriate thanks!  The holiday season begins officially with the carving of that turkey leg and the clink of Thanksgiving wine glasses as well as the seasonal communication with relatives and friends in far away places.   Today we have so many ways to communicate that there is never an excuse not to, and the good news is that these options are now easier and less costly than ever before.  Of course, this extends to business.  

Empowered Mobility: The Univerge 3C Client from NEC

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NEC Univerge 3C on tablet


Always innovative and ahead of the curve, NEC has a software-based solution that enables users to communicate intuitively and conveniently.  The Univerge 3C client helps enterprises and small businesses to maintain their competitive edge by providing a complete, software-based IP telephony and Unified Communications and Collaboration solution (UCC) that empowers with reliable, secure, and scalable features.   (more…)

Top 3 Concerns about Cloud Phone Solutions

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The cloud is the latest destination for UC.  Increasingly, organizations are turning to cloud technology to lift their phone system off the ground and into the stratosphere of clarity, cost effectiveness, and user friendliness.  The cloud is flexible, scalable, and offers cost savings along with mobility, and a unified set of communication solutions that make collaboration easier.  However, many organizations are still hesitating to launch their phone system into the cloud.  What is this fear of heights about and — is it at all realistic? (more…)

What Voice Quality? The Lost Art of Making Phone Calls on a Phone

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I bought an iPhone 6s last week lured by its sleek metallic exterior, colorful user-friendly apps and simple yet alluring user interface, high resolution camera, enticing  speed, and of course – Siri.  When I was touring smart phones, picking them up and weighing my many options, the salesperson was quick to point out all the features that made each phone distinctive: camera quality, ease of use, variety of apps, storage capacity, and battery life.  Not once did she mention voice quality.  Now, when you think about it, this is strange.  After all, the purpose of a phone originally and primarily is to make phone calls.  Or, so it has been in the past.   (more…)